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Production: Lawson Entertainment, Yes Cinema Production Cast: Isha Talwar, Prithviraj, Rahman Direction: Nirmal Sahadev Screenplay: Nirmal Sahadev Story: Nirmal Sahadev Music: Jakes Bejoy Background score: Jakes Bejoy

Ranam: Detroit Crossing' is an international Malayalam film that has its roots deep in Detroit, USA. The 'Motor City' was once the hub of booming opportunities, but was pulled down due to frequent rebellions and revolutions. Soon, it became a city filled with people who liked to forget reality and stay within the American dream that brought them there. Thus, the streets of Detroit plunged into the gutter of drugs. The city that was once flourishing with job opportunities, came under the control of the underworld and became an easy gateway for illegal immigrants into the US. This brought people from all around the world into Detroit. Inclusive of people from Kerala and Srilanka. Ranam is the story of Detroit and the people who still live there.

Written and directed by Nirmal Sahadev, Ranam has a quality cast that includes Prithviraj, Rahman, Isha Talwar, Ashwin Kumar, Nandhu, Shyamaprasad, and Giju John. The film is not a typical Malayalam film and looks more like an American film with many Indian characters in it who talk Malayalam, Tamil, and English. Even though the story of the underworld is basically the same everywhere, the making, performances, screenplay, and Detroit makes Ranam different. It is not a fast moving film but has enough to keep the viewer gripped.

The performances are the flesh and blood of Ranam. Prithviraj and Rahman stand out throughout the film with their seasoned acting. Nandhu and Ashwin Kumar, as always, effortlessly deliver on screen and that adds Ranam to the list of films in which they have done their parts neatly. Shyamaprasad, Isha Talwar and Giju John deserve a special mention for their natural acting. Newcomers Mathew Arun and Celine Joseph also chip in with a convincing show.

Full credits to Jakes Bejoy, the best aspect of Ranam is its music. The background score is a class act. It is the hero of Ranam and is a never-miss kind of work. The title track, in particular, is commendable.

The cinematographer of Ranam is Jigme Tenzing. The frames are not something that you normally see in Malayalam Cinema. It has a lot of class in it, making it seem like a Hollywood film. The color tones used in the film give it a very realistic feel.

Ranam tells the story of Detroit, Aadhi, Dakodaran, Seema, Bhaskaran, Aju, and Deepika. The making, locations, good performances, cinematography, direction, and brilliant background score are its highlights. Like Prithviraj said, Ranam is truly a crossover Malayalam film.

Verdict: Ranam has good performances and strong technical qualities.


3 5 ( 3.0 / 5.0 )





Ranam (aka) Runam

Ranam (aka) Runam is a Malayalam movie. Isha Talwar, Prithviraj, Rahman are part of the cast of Ranam (aka) Runam. The movie is directed by Nirmal Sahadev. Music is by Jakes Bejoy. Production by Lawson Entertainment, Yes Cinema Production.