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Production: Renjith Cast: Nazriya Nazim, Prithviraj Direction: Anjali Menon Screenplay: Anjali Menon Music: M. Jayachandran, Raghu Dixit Background score: Raghu Dixit

The three main aspects of cinema that connect with the audience are what you see on screen, what you hear and what you feel while watching it. Koode is a movie that tells the story of relationships, bonding between siblings, and the essence of life. In short, it is a feel-good movie with a difference.


In Anjali Menon's third feature film, Joshua (Prithviraj) is a young man hailing from the misty mountains of the Western Ghats, who is forced to go and work abroad and earn money to meet the expenses of his sister's medical support. The movie is about Joshua's sister Jenny (Nazriya), his father (Ranjith), his mother (Maala Parvathy), and his school friend Sophie (Parvathy); and it shows how Joshua connects with all of them after fifteen years.

Cinematography plays a very important role in all feel good movies. It is what you see, that gives the movie a special touch. Koode has splendid frames that showcase the beauty of the mountains to every minute detail. Little Swayamp's extremely beautiful making is greatly responsible for imparting the magical feel present throughout Koode.


As mentioned earlier, a movie is what you see, what you hear and what you feel while watching it. Anjali Menon has her fingerprint stamped on each aspect and has succeeded in giving the movie the treatment it deserves. Many things have been told indirectly and symbolically; and to the people who succeed in connecting the dots and reading between the lines, the movie will always remain close to their heart. On the flip side, it would have had a stronger impact in the end, if a few scenes, including the last song, could have been removed. A section of the audience might find that to be repetitive and lagging.


Every actor has given their best in this film. Koode marks the return of Nazriya into films, after the brief hiatus she took, post-marriage. She is simply superb and cute in a role tailor-made for her. Prithviraj gives a composed performance along with Parvathy and they have workout a wonderful onscreen chemistry. Director Ranjith and Mala Parvathy are very convincing as Joshua and Jenny's parents.


The background score and most of the songs blend in well with the making and the emotion, thereby lifting Koode up, to the next level. Do not expect a fast-moving, fun-filled entertainer like Bangalore Days. Koode is a slow-paced emotional film that will touch your heart and soul. It is the kind of film that leads you into introspection and helps you realize the importance of relationships in life.

Verdict: Koode is a beautiful and emotional ride that will touch your heart and soul.


3 5 ( 3.0 / 5.0 )





Koode (aka) Kode

Koode (aka) Kode is a Malayalam movie. Nazriya Nazim, Prithviraj are part of the cast of Koode (aka) Kode. The movie is directed by Anjali Menon. Music is by M. Jayachandran, Raghu Dixit. Production by Renjith.