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Production: Antony D’Cruz Entertainment Cast: Iniya, Mammootty, Mia George, Suraj Venjaramoodu Direction: Sharrath Sandith Screenplay: Ajith Poojappura Music: Sharreth Cinematography: Loganathan Srinivasan Editing: Suresh URS

Parole is Megastar Mammootty's latest film that tells the story of Alex (Mammootty) who is a Comrade, a convict, a caring brother and a loving father. The film that marks the directorial debut of Sharrath Sandith has been scripted by Ajith Poojappura by basing it on true events.


The plot of the movie revolves around Alex who is first seen serving prison time. He is an ideal inmate and the favorite of prison guards. How he ended up in jail and what happens after he gets out after getting parole constitutes the story of the film.


To be frank, Parole is a kind of film that should have released some 20 years ago as it is a collection of cliches, which would have been trendsetters in those days. The direction has many low points as it has been backstabbed many times by the screenplay. Inclusion of many unwanted characters who serve no purpose to the film other than increasing the duration, insertion of cliched characters who have always been part of commercial films that are set in the backdrop of jails, addition of characters who just vanish after one or two scenes, the archaic change in mindset of some negative shaded characters towards the end of the film, unexplainable situations and turn of events that challenge rational thinking, are some of the detrimental factors in the film. 


Cinematography by Loganathan is the only positive ray of hope in the film. The greenish mountains have been shown neatly by his frames and play a big role in helping the viewer steer through the two-and-a-half-hour-long film that seldom induces any thrill. The music and background score of the film does justice to it by having no novelty in its structure and being average in nature. 


Mammootty is an actor who has been recognized a zillion times for his powerful performances. Comrade Alex is a walk in the park for an actor of his excellence. Even though the role has no potential to challenge an actor of his calibre, Mammootty's performance is what makes it watchable. The movie has an incredible actor like Siddique in a role that barely offers him an opportunity to exercise his acting skills. Miya George, Suraj Venjarammood, Anil Nedumangad and Alencier play their small yet pivotal roles to perfection. The reason why Telugu actor Prabhakar who played Kalakeya in Baahubali: The Beginning was cast as Bullet Raghavan in Parole is a mystery in itself. 


Parole is an old-fashioned tale that would satisfy anyone who prefers films from a decade ago over the currently ongoing experimentation phase in the Malayalam Cinema.


Verdict: Expect less and Parole might turn out to be a decent watch.


2 5 ( 2.0 / 5.0 )




Parole (aka) Paarole

Parole (aka) Paarole is a Malayalam movie. Iniya, Mammootty, Mia George, Suraj Venjaramoodu are part of the cast of Parole (aka) Paarole. The movie is directed by Sharrath Sandith. Music is by Sharreth. Production by Antony D’Cruz Entertainment, cinematography by Loganathan Srinivasan, editing by Suresh URS.