Review by : Malathy Sundaram

Music Director : Ilayaraja
Vocals : Bela Shinde, Rahul Nambiar, Rita, Ilayaraja, Bela Shinde, Tipu, Shreya Ghosal,
Lyrics : Vaali

Produced by B. Srinivasan and directed by erstwhile Shankar assistant G. Ananthanarayanan, this movie is titled so because, like sage Valmiki’s life, it also portrays the story of a man who reforms from being bad to good. Vaali has penned the lyrics to which Isaignani Ilayaraja has set the music.

Kooda Varuviyaa---
Vocals: Bela Shinde.

There is a nice wistfulness about this song where the lady singer yearns for the lifelong support of her companion. The pallavi seems to touch upon Mohanam raga and the charanams take a ‘Kalyani’ raga hue, something which Ilayaraja executes with ease. The guitar, flute and keyboard sounds are soft and unhurried.

Poo Sirikkudhu---

Vocals: Rahul Nambiar, Rita

How well Ilayaraja varies the rhythm of this number to flow so smoothly with the lyrics! Just savor it! Neat and elegant music interludes add a certain teasing quality to this number. Sung with enthusiasm by both the singers. Appears to be based on Sindubairavi raga.

Oli Tharum---

Vocals: Ilayaraja, Bela Shinde

Notes from the guitar, keys and the violins add a rich softness to this high-pitched number where the hero gratefully acknowledges the pleasant changes wrought in him by his ladylove. The rapid notes from the violin ‘pa dha pa saa, pa dha pa ni; ga ma ga paa ga ma ga ma’ two minutes into the song is cute.

Rekkai Katti Parakkudhu ---
Vocals: Tipu, Rahul Nambiar

Only Ilayaraja can get away with ‘kutthu paattu’ as stylish as this! The song takes a pretty swing between classical notes and sheer folk rhythms. The tiny instrumental flourish at the end of each pallavi line adds a josh factor of its own. The interludes are interesting too. Tipu and Rahul appear to have enjoyed themselves. Seems to be based on the Todi raga scale.

Thenralum Maarudhu---
Vocals: Shreya Ghosal

Violins and flutes make merry with Charukesi notes in this song—especially the rapid flute notes that go up ‘sa ri ga ma pa dha ni sa ri ga’ in the beginning and the ‘sa sa sa ga ma ga, sa sa sa sa ri sa’ violin notes. The song appears a trifle high-pitched, but Shreya sings faultlessly. Could it become a hit? Let us wait and see.

Achhadicha Kaasai---

Vocals: Ilayaraja

Now, this song has to be relished for two separate reasons—the funky music interludes and the now-cynical, now-philosophical lyrics. Ilayaraja belts it out with a rare gusto. The closing bars project soft sobriety.

Innada Pandi---

Vocals: Ilayaraja

A mocking number sung in an uncharacteristically low voice by Ilayaraja, and this song appears to repeat right through the film. What arrests you in this song is the effect of the native drums he has used.


The first album from the ‘Vikatan’ stables had some rousing, youthful music. But this one seems to be different. It will be truly interesting to see how songs number 6 and 7 have been picturised. As usual, Ilayaraja’s music blends so delightfully with the lyrics.

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