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Pattalam Pattalam
Music review By Malathy Sundaram
Pattalam: Produced by Lingusamy for Tirupathi Movies’ banner. Directed by Rohit Krishna (debutant) and starring ‘Kanaa Kaanum Kaalangal’ group and Nadhiya. Music has been composed by Jassie Gift of( 4 The People)’Lajjavathiyae’ fame. The story seems to revolve round school kids and Nadhiya, who appears to play the role of a psychiatrist. It is slated to be a ‘clean’ movie. Shall we check out the songs?

Vocals: Jassie Gift ,Najeem
Lyrics: Yugabarathy

A folksy number which makes you recall some ‘fisherfolk’ songs of the west coast. Obviously sung by teen children, the way the lyrics go. Celebrates the free spirit of youth and its innocence. Jassie sure has an unconventional voice.Strong on native rhythms and you don’t hear much of other instruments except some flute, keys and guitar.

Ennil Nooru...

Vocals: Renjith, Shalini Singh.
Lyrics: Yugabarathy

A pleasant love duet, with slightly intricate rhythms that chug along like a train. The notes’ sa ri gaa ma pa ma ga’ from the keys weave in and out of the song. To which the bass flute and guitar add their notes. The scale seems to be Natabairavi. Soft rendering from both the singers.

Panivizhum Kaalama...
Vocals: Hesham, Sayanora, William Isaac.
Lyrics: Na.Muthukumar

This song moves along like a slow wave and the start where the keys go’ sa ri sa ri sa ri ri ri ; ri ni saa ni saa ni sa sa sa’ is quite catchy and you hear it often.The lyric exhorts you to bring out the child in you and freak out in the beauty of nature. The lady has a powerful voice, a tad like Usha Uthup. Looks like the Harikamboji scale.

Engo Piranthom...

Vocals: Arungopan, Shanmon, Thussar
Lyrics: Yugabarathy

The song speaks affectionately of the carefree schooldays and the strong bonds fostered during that period. Something that almost all of us can identify with! This number has a ‘choir song’ feel to it. You hear both Kiravani and Natabairavi ragas and the lady’s vocal humming uses both the ‘ni’ swaras attractively. Nothing much for music except some sax-like sounds, guitar( a bit) and keys.

Oru Naal...
Vocals: Arungopan, Shanmon, Thussar
Lyrics: Yugabarathy

Another foot-tapping folksy number like song no.1. Robust native rhythms join hands with a stylish Sankarabaranam base. Lively use of trumpets, keys and guitar. Though the song is breezy, it talks sensible philosophy—urging us to accept what is, very happily, because everything is cyclical!


Baby Diyarohan, Jassie Gift.
Nellai Barathy

A trendy fast paced number with a slight hip-hop touch to it. Celebrates the impishness that goes with childhood. Some speedy sangatis on strings. Somewhat catchy.


Jassie Gift is surely trendy as far as composers go. He seems to enjoy bringing folk, western stuff and melody together. But the rhythms in this album give you the feeling of ‘sameness’ after sometime. This being a kids’ movie, he can get away with what he has composed. But for serious –themed movies? Let us hear more from him to decide.

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