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Kadhalna Summa Illa Kadhalna Summa Illa
Music review By Malathy Sundaram
Kadhalna Summa Illa: Produced by Raj Television Network( a pioneering move, this) and directed by Ilankannan( of ‘Ottran’ fame) and starring Ravi Krishna, Kamalini Mukerjee, Tejashree and others. The film is supposed to be a remake of the Telugu movie Gamyam. Three music directors have worked together for the movie, which has 5 full-fledged songs and two ‘mini’ pieces.

Jai Shambo...
Vocals: Tippu
Lyrics: Pa.Vijay
Music: Vidyasagar
Kadhalna Summa Illa

A foot-tapping number in native style rendered unusually with vim and vigour by Tippu. Basically full of youthful enthusiasm and aiming for the stars. ‘Thandhi kambi suruthi, adhai meettudhu paar kuruvi’ is cute imagery. The guitars, keys, flute and rhythms all appear equally enthusiastic. Touches upon Aberi raga. Might have youth appeal though not an original tune.

Ennamo Seydhai Nee...

Vocals: Udit Narayan, Sujatha
Lyrics: Na.Muthukumar
Music: Manisharma

Mmmm, a melodious number with the same Aberi touch! The delicate sounds opening this song lead to the ‘pa-pa, pa-pa-ni-pa-pa’ whispers from the flute and then the song unfolds to a jaunty rhythm. In the veena interlude, both ‘ni’ swaras seem to be used. The sax and the flute (both bass and top flutes) combine deliciously . We have a crisp nagaswaram passage too . Fun to hear the ghatam follow the words’eppadi’ and ‘yetthanai’. Sung with great relish by Udit and Sujatha’s voice soars like a lark!

Kadhalna Summa Illa
One Way...
Vocals: Noel, Ranjith
Lyrics: Pa.Vijay
Music: E.S.Murthy

Quite a cheery rendition of a few philosophical truths about life . Touches upon the vicissitudes of existence in a breezy manner. A fast paced song with just a tinge of hip-hop to it. It is guitar, keys and rhythms all the way. Well sung by both.


Vocals: Sujatha
Lyrics: Na.Muthukumar
Music: E.S.Murthy

A slow but very melodious song sung in a husky manner by Sujatha. How well she modulates her voice! Pleasing inputs from the flute,guitar, sitar and sax, apart from the keys. Each note preserves the languorous mood –of love and yearning. Appears to be on the Natabairavi scale. Could strike a chord with women listeners.

Vocals: Anuradha Sriram, Ranjith
Lyrics: Pa.Vijay
Music: Vidyasagar

Well, Anuradha is synonymous with naughtiness and she revels in this song, which puts on an elaborate show of innocence! Raucous lyrics. Very racy breathless native rhythms along with nagaswaram and some violin –and you go ‘phew!’ at the end! Nothing new about the mettu.

Sound of Love...

Vocals: E.S.Murthy

An ‘ensemble’ of instruments, where you hear the flute, guitar,keys, sitar and vocal chorus ( women)which is well harmonized. Interestingly, the first part is in raga Kalyani and the faster second part( after the ghatam) is in Mayamalavagowla. Pretty!

Love Emotion...
Music: E.S.Murthy

A sloka, some mridangam and tabla and rhythms.just for 45 seconds.


All three composers have put in some good work. We don’t get to hear cacophonous music here, but nothing stands out as exceptional pieces too. One truly hopes the director films them sensitively. E.S.Murthy deserves mention.

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