Review by : Harish V

Music Director : Pritam
Vocals : KK, sunidhi Chauhan, Mohit Chauhan, Pankaj Awasthi, Julias Packiam,

Director Kabir Khan, after taking on Kabul, is now showing his interest in the busiest city in the world, New York. Yash Raj has done brilliantly so far in promoting the movie and the music is being awaited with bated breath as almost all Yash banner movies boasts of rich music. Pritam, the busiest Music Director in Hindi cinema has had a decent record in the past 12 months; will this add to his success record? Will this John, Nithin and Katrina venture become a musical hit? Let’s analyze.

Hai Junoon---
Vocals: KK.

The album starts of with 'Hai Junoon', with a catchy guitar piece and KK's voice takes over to make the song an experience to cherish. The drum and guitar usage in the middle makes this jazzy song very impressive. A motivational song with some well written lyrics can very well become this year's youth anthem. There is a remixed version of this song too which starts of brilliantly and when you just think that Julias Packiam has done a brilliant job, KK's hurried voice usage for the remixed version just misses the bus.

Mere Sang---
Vocals: Sunidhi Chauhan.

Sunidhi Chauhan's soulful voice gives life to this second song of the album. The song reminds us more of Shankar Ehsaan Loy than a Pritam. The chorus in particular has lot of Shankar Ehsaan Loy stamp on it. It’s a decent song but nothing special to stand apart from the crowd. The lyrics are good though. The remix done by Julias Packiam is decent.

Tune jo na kaha---

Vocals: Mohit Chauhan.

Again, a lyrically rich song but this Mohit Chauhan sung song will make you think if it is the right CD inside your music player as it has the already heard kind of a feel. Nothing much to be fancied about a song which can pass the muster.

Aye Saaye Mere---

Vocals: Pankaj Awasthi.

Pankaj Awasthi's Aye Saaye Mere is another decent track but this is a song which would be enjoyed with the visuals and not a hear-and-enjoy kind of a song. It’s a song against racial discrimination and again the lyrics are very powerful and end up being the highlight of the song.

Sam's theme ---

Julias Packiam's theme has an uncanny resemblance to Slumdog Millionaire's theme but soon the slow violin sound takes over and gives a different effect altogether. A theme music which again can be enjoyed with the movie.

New york theme---

Julias Packiam again comes up with a theme song and now it’s for the entire movie. And he does score this time with his score. Heavy drum usage and electric guitar gives the right effect for such a hard hitting subject.


When the whole world decides to be innovative when it comes to music composition Pritam just adds a few instruments in the name of innovation and comes up with mediocre soundtracks. But overall it’s a decent soundtrack but has the potential to be enjoyed on the big screen. Pritam's work is average but Julias Packiam makes the difference. Hai Junoon is a chartbuster but apart from that nothing much which can seriously be a threat to the top ten in the chart. But Sandeep Srivastava's first three songs and Junaid Wasi's play of words in 'Aye Saaye Mere' makes this album worth buying. If only the music was even half as good as the lyrics there was a chance of the album becoming a chartbuster for the Yash banner.

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