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Aindham Padai Aindham Padai
Music review By Malathy Sundaram
Aindham Padai : Produced by Kushboo Sundar, directed by Badri and starring Sundar.C., Simran, Aditi Chowdury, Nasser, Vivek, Sampath and Madan Bob. D.Imaan fills the slot of music composer and has tuned six songs here.

Aaradi Ratchasano...
Vocals: Sheyl Hatha , Kumar Sanu and Shreya Ghosal
Lyrics: Na. Muthukumar

A true melody, this , set to the three-beat rhythm ( tisram) and
Aindham Padai

flowing along with the delicate drizzles of the santoor ( truly good), violin( short sweet notes) Aguitar and a surprise bit of sitar in the line’ Ethetho Maayam---‘. The drums do please. The male voice is smooth on the ears,( is it Sanu or Hatha?) but Shreya simply steals your heart. Is the raga Madhyamavathi or Sree?

Chinna Kozhundanaare...

Vocals: Sadhana Sargam
Lyrics: Na. Muthukumar

How delightful to hear Sadhana belt out such a ‘native’ number! a silly but smile-worthy song which has the lady of the house mocking her brother-in-law big time! The rollicking tavil beats, the impish nagaswaram sangatis all through the song, the ‘urumi melam’ effect and of course the guitar—watch out for it in the second interlude and the second charanam, all put together well. Seems set on Kiravani scale. High on mazaa!

Aindham Padai
Oram po Oram po...
Vocals: Arjith,Ranjith,Karthikeyan
Lyrics: Gangai Amaran

Another song set to the beat of native drums ( thavil mainly) with some nagaswaram, guitar and a few violin pieces blending in vigorously. Appears to be a song eulogizing ‘Annan’ probably the hero! The first line recalls an old hit, but that is just about it.

Shokku Sundar...

Vocals: Anitha Suvi
Lyrics: Na. Muthukumar

This song is a slinky seductive number sung in a slightly nasal voice and the song runs smoothly like a train, with no high or low-pitched notes. Has of course a middle-eastern feel to it. The rhythms employed are interesting and so is the flute bit two minutes into the song. Obviously a ‘come hither’ dance number.

Vaadi en Vasappadi...
Vocals: Devan
Lyrics: Na. Muthukumar

Once again, a rhythm-oriented number with energetic thavil and drums, with the guitar showing up now and then, with keys. We get to hear Devan after a long time. A song inviting a girlfriend home. A very ‘southern’ mettu, but not original, so to speak.


D.Imaan has used live orchestra here, which needs to be applauded. A couple of songs have fairly original tunes and are hummable. Maybe the repetitive fast rhythms are ‘Sundar-specific!’ we can certainly look forward to more variety from this young man in future if he puts his mind to it. The lyrics—what lyrics?

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