Release Date : Dec 04,2015
Urumeen (aka) Urumeen review

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Production: G Dillibabu
Cast: Bobby Simhaa, Kalayarasan, Reshmi Menon
Direction: Sakthivel Perumalsamy
Screenplay: Sakthivel Perumalsamy
Story: Sakthivel Perumalsamy
Music: Achu
Background score: Achu
Cinematography: Ravindranath Guru
Editing: San Lokesh
Art direction: Vinoth Rajkumar
Stunt choreography: K Ganesh Kumar
Dance choreography: Nanda
Lyrics: Antony Dassan, Kavin
PRO: CN Kumar
Urumeen, selling itself with the tag “Revenge is always ultimate” is a feature penned and directed by debutant director Sakthivel Perumalsamy. As the tagline goes, it is all about revenge that has prevailed for centuries together. Yes, holding segments from past lives, Urumeen demands your full attention to understand it well. 
Bobby Simha playing the protagonist seems to have tried his luck to grab some mass appeal. With few typical 48 frames shots (High speed shots), smacking down of hooligans and screeching shouts, Bobby Simha is found doing something that he hasn’t done before.
At the same time you spot Kalaiyarasan being the ruthless baddie and knowingly or unknowingly carries the shades of other famous villains of K-Town. Overall Bobby and Kalai have deliberated their performance to justify the character sketch. But the unanswered question is, “Did they look comfortable doing this?”. 
Reshmi Menon has delivered genuine performances on previous occasions, but sadly Urumeen is a feature that could have been done without Reshmi Menon. You will remain disappointed even if you presume that she would be seen for some dance routines, glamour and romance. Special mentions due to Kaali Venkat and Appukutty as they are spotted yet again doing their business with shere sincerity. 
In terms of visuals, Ravindranath Guru, the man heading the department of photography is going to take home laurels for the splendid work with his lens. Creative usage of properties and making them an important part of abstract frames makes Urumeen a stylish outing and thereby enhances the production value. Credits to the team for scouting out picturesque locales in the second half of the movie that turns out to be a visual treat. The initial few minutes narrated with the aid of animations look precise and aesthetic.  Achu scores well with his soundtracks and BGM.
Had the editor turned ruthless like the characters in the film, many portions could have become more crisp and engaging, especially the long stunt sequence before the climax. Trimming seems to be a definite solution that would have bettered the narration. 
To sum up, Urumeen is impressively complex in its own level and multiple viewing is the only way to help the patron comprehend everything the storyteller wants to convey. But the low numbers with respect to the engagement factor and lag in few episodes might challenge the decision of watching it more than once. This factor would be a major setback for this film.
Verdict: An interestingly convoluted tale woven with less engaging screenplay.
( 2.25 / 5.0 )


Urumeen (aka) Urumeen

Urumeen (aka) Urumeen is a Tamil movie with production by G Dillibabu, direction by Sakthivel Perumalsamy, cinematography by Ravindranath Guru, editing by San Lokesh. The cast of Urumeen (aka) Urumeen includes Bobby Simhaa, Kalayarasan, Reshmi Menon.