Nobody can dance like Kamal - K Balachander - Event Story

Mar 18, 2013

Vasanth introduced his younger son, Rithvik Varun, in a grand event, attended by industry giants like K Balachander, Balu Mahendra, Mahendran and many others. While addressing the gathering, K Balachander welcomed Rithvik pointing out his strongest positive. “You have learnt dance. That’s your strongest advantage. Kamal stepped into the film industry after learning dance. Today, there’s practically no one who could do the Kathak number like the one in Vishwaroopam, better than him,” he said. “The knowledge in dance will make acting easier for you,” added the legend. The director also pointed out that all the artistes and technicians introduced by Vasanth have established themselves big time in the industry. “So, I have no doubt about your ability. My best wishes!” summed up K Balachander.

Director Balumahendra noted that the young man has a photogenic face, good height and alluring looks. But his fear is that Kodambakkam would make him into a ‘STAR’ too. His advice to Rithvik is that he should become a good actor rather than running behind stardom.

Director Mahendran also wants him to run, but towards victory. “Once you have won, run faster”, said the director.

Cheran’s speech was light hearted. He started by taking a pot shot at a recent trailer. “Actors nowadays get beaten up by directors to give the latter the best. But I believe you have been honed enough by your dad,” started off Cheran, who is playing one of the leads of Vasanth’s Moondru Per Moondru Kaadhal. He also laughed while saying, if he ever gets a chance to work with Vasanth Jr. in the future, he would ask Rithvik to perform without being told the script, exactly like the way Vasanth prefers to keep his actors in the dark.

Vasanth took the podium and thanked everyone for being there to encourage his son. “Neither me nor Rithvik had no idea of him being an actor. I wanted a dancer for my film (Moondru Per…) and I thought why not him… It just happened the way God had intended it to happen and I’m very thankful for that”, spoke an emotional Vasanth, wrapping up the event.



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