'I never really liked Amudhan' - Madan Karky - Event Story

Mar 08, 2013

C.S. Amudhan the creator of Tamil cinema’s first spoof film ‘Tamizh Padam’ has returned with his latest offering, simply titled ‘Rendavathu Padam’. The audio launch of the film took place earlier today at Sathyam Cinemas at Chennai and its sequence of events could well be a reflection of the film’s jocular and unpredictable nature.

The event’s chief guest apart from the film’s elaborate cast and crew was the high profile cinematographer turned director, K.V. Anand and Actor Siddarth. The event showcased a couple of songs from the film in addition to the theatrical trailer. One song in particular was delivered in a 80s spirit. The trailer seemed to give nothing away about the film except promising a unique subject laced with humor.

Madan Karky, one of the lyrical contributors through the song ‘Kuppa Thotti’, said that he never really liked Amudhan since the director’s mother was his geography teacher in school. But he later confessed that it was creative personnel like Amudhan who pose him with challenges in terms of songwriting. A case in point, he said, was Kuppa Thotti.

Karky also had a word of praise for music director Kannan, who is best known for giving the gibberish filled ‘Oh Mahaziya’. But the young lyricist said that people were underestimating his soul filled music which communicates so much regardless of the words.

Aravind Akash, who plays a department store keeper in the film, turned up literally in character dressed in a vest and a lungi. He said that he had doubts about pulling off the role but it was Amudhan who talked him into doing it. Other cast members Remya Nambeesan and Vimal all expressed their happiness in being associated with the project.

The main man of the morning, K.V. Anand said that he knew Amudhan for almost a decade and recalled his first meeting with him at an agency. He said that Amudhan seemed to be interested a lot in others’ task rather than his own and as a result he could either lose his job or go on to become a successful exponent of his talent. He was pleased for the director that it was the latter. K.V Anand also recalled Rendavathu Padam’s cinematographer, Vijay Ulaganathan, as being promising right from the days he assisted him for Shankar’s Mudhalvan.

The music of the film was released by K.V Anand and received by actor Siddharth.



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