‘I don’t need bodyguards in Chennai’ - Event Story

Feb 21, 2013


The highly popular music director/singer and natural showman Bappi Lahiri was in Chennai to release the trailer of Karupampatti. As always, wherever he goes, Bappida was the centre of attention. He addressed the gathering saying that Chennai is a lucky place for him and that even after 40 years of serving the industry he is still in demand in the South. He also revealed that he always travels with bodyguards, but in Chennai he doesn’t need them because he feels very safe here, all due to the kind natured locals. He thanked the team for giving him the opportunity to lend his voice to a track on this album. Not before long, the crowd were eager to hear him sing and Bappida duly obliged as he tore into the track called ‘Disco Naughty Naughty Raja’.

Karupampatti’s hero Ajmal too was present at the event, and he said that the reason why he was laying low after KO was because he wanted to sign a project with substance and he feels that after the release of Karupampatti, his gap will be filled. By donning 3 different get ups in the film, Ajmal believes that he has had sound opportunity to show his talent.

Director of the film, Prabhu Raja Cholan, said that he was taking a risky approach with some aspects of the film. Since the story travels across 3 different eras, he has apparently used different picture styling for each. The pre-80s era will be shown in black & white, will the 80s era will be shown in Eastman color. Both of which will last 20 minutes each. Other crew members like dance master Ashok Raj thanked the team for giving him a chance to work outside his generic duty of choreographing just opening numbers.

Apart from Bappida’s presence, the event’s mainstay was the launch of the trailer. It was followed by screenings of two songs that have been composed by music director Kannan.




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