'The hero was my security for 7-8 years' - K. Balachander - Event Story

Feb 11, 2013

The audio launch of Kallapatti took place at Prasad Labs, Chennai on the evening of 11th February. The function was more or less a private affair with the guest list being hand-picked. Most of the members present at the function were part of the unit, ranging from the producers to the technicians and key cast members.

The chief guest for the evening was the legendary director K. Balachander who said that he had come for this event despite his ill health for one reason alone-the hero of the film, Ashwin. Balachander said, much to the amazement of the audience, that the hero used to be a security person for his house for nearly 7-8 years. Apparently K.B used to see the young man always scribbling away in his handbook, and when he had a chance to look at it he realized that he had written several poems in Tamil.

Balachander was sad that he parted ways with the young man when he shifted his home, but was equally glad that Ashwin had moved to a higher place. By that he meant the home of Kamal Haasan where Ashwin spent a few years at. He was now happy that the young man has an opportunity to realize his dreams in the world of cinema and wished the team all the best.

The music for the film has been scored by Sabesh-Murali and the audio was unveiled by the hands of K.B. Kallapatti is a directorial attempt by Ra Ra under the production of Eye Dreams.



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