Amrita is the new Trisha - Event Story

Feb 02, 2013

The audio launch of Unakku 20 Enakku 40 was held under the roof of the AVM A/C theatre on Satuday, 2nd Feb, evening. The event also doubled as a press meet. The notable Chief Guests of the occasion were famed Director R.K. Selvamani and Producer V. Sekar. Also present at the event were the stars of the film Akshay, Shalini and Amrita along with cameraman P.S. Selvam and music director Joy Maxwell.

The film is made under the banner of Bannari Films and is produced and directed by the film’s hero, Akshay.  The audio release was done by R.K. Selvamani and the first CD was handed to V. Sekar. During his speech R.K. Selvamani congratulated the team for their efforts and particularly spoke of Amrita, serving her a compliment by saying that she reminded him of Trisha.

But the event could not avoid discussing about the ongoing Vishwaroopam controversy. R.K. Selvamani said it was disturbing to see artists and creators being disrupted by a minute faction. He believes that this entire turn of events was setting a dangerous precedent where anyone would feel like they have the liberty to stop a movie from releasing.

R.K. Selvamani has been a frequent on TV show discussions related to the matter and he feels that the people opposing it are doing it purely for publicity reasons and for the opportunity to be on TV and familiarize their organization’s name in the public domain. Producer V. Sekar partly agreed with R.K. Selvamani’s point of view and said that nothing should have stopped the movie from releasing once the CBFC had certified it. He said that any objections should have been made only after the film’s release.

Returning to the crux of the event, V. Sekhar revealed that P.S. Selvam had worked for him in the past and was happy with the emergence of small budget films attempting to deliver good content in Tamil Cinema. He wished the team the best of outcomes.



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