"There should be no comparisons between Puli and Baahubali" - Event Story

Jul 29, 2015

The technical team of Puli led by the producers SKT Studios and director Chimbu Deven met the press today in Chennai, ahead of the audio launch of the film on 2nd August. Here are the excerpts of what the main speakers said at the event, 
PT Selvakumar, Producer - "Such a big star cast, Sridevi madam's presence, Natty working in the film despite being a salable hero himself, the next level for Chimbu and in all, Puli will have all the elements of a good Vijay film. There should be no comparisons with Baahubali as Puli is a mass entertainer. Kamala Kannan, of Naan Ee and Magadheera fame, is working on the CG and he is ensuring that there are no delays in the release of the film. We had no delays in the shoot of the film either, thanks to all your prayers and blessings. DSP is one composer who is always smiling and doesn't bother about his remuneration."
Shibu Thameens, Producer - "Ever since we started on Jan 14 with the pre-production, Puli has always had the hype. There are many factors to this hype. DSP worked for quality and not for money, and his music would fall under a different genre. Chimbu Deven sir convinced Sridevi madam with his narration, when she actually didn't accept another big South Indian film, which you all know. Each and every crew member has given his / her best for an extended period of time."
Chimbu Deven, Director - "The producers were so involved in the direction aspects too. Such a big cast and crew wouldn't have been possible without Vijay sir. We all worked as a family. Natty is such a good technician, more than being a noted actor. DSP was a ball of energy, while the art and CG team are also main aspects in the film."
Natty, DoP - "I got this film, thanks to Ilayathalapathy Superstar Vijay who asked me to listen to Chimbu Deven's story. It will be a sure blockbuster this year. Along with Vijay, Muthuraj and the CG team are also heroes in the film. Puli is also the biggest budgeted film this year and there have been no compromises in the making, whatsoever. There have been no breaks too. The team also gave me all the creative freedom that I needed."
Devi Sri Prasad, Composer - "It was such a good minded team. I find it hard to believe that so many stars have worked on this project. Chimbu's writing, story-boarding, sketching skills and story are the reasons for this magnitude as he could inspire all these great artistes with his narration. Puli would be the next level of grandeur and the producers have been really gutsy to fund this film. 1000s of people have worked on the film and special lights and massive sets have been employed.
I got the scope to work on a good melody in Tamil, for a change and I have been getting calls from all over India after 'Yaendi Yaendi' was released. The songs have come out visually rich, with such a legendary crew in all the departments. We are going to start the BGM work. And I saw a few of the CG scenes and they have come out rocking."
Muthuraj, Art Director - "The fantasy genre gives great scope for an art director to work. Director Chimbu Deven was very welcoming of my sketches contrary to some speculations that he was hard to please. The camera and CG department were also of great help and all the VFX work would be very realistic. This is my first time working with both Natty and Kamala Kannan. The detailing in the costumes was also extensive, and all the designers have worked hard. I also thank my producers for having spent this much money. When it comes to art direction, the more the expense, the better the output is."

Kamala Kannan, CG and VFX supervisor - "I was much impressed with the way Chimbu Deven narrated the script to me back in 2011. The VFX work is currently happening in around 6 countries. Here, we are handling the works in Chennai and Bangalore. I had worked with Vijay before in Kushi for the 'Oru Ponnu Onnu' number. In Puli, it is going to be spectacular for the viewing audience."




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