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Apr 06, 2015


After a 8 year break from films, Jyothika is all set to reappear as the lady lead for 36 Vayathinile. The audio of the film was launched today (Apr 6) at the Leela Palace Hotel, Chennai. 36 Vayathinile, a remake of the Malayalam film ‘How old are you?’ is directed by Rosshan Andrrews and the music is composed by Santhosh Narayanan. The highlights of the function are as follows:




The last film where Jyothika appeared as the actor in the lead role was Mozhi and that was released in 2007. There was a long break post this movie. When Suriya was asked why? He said, ''Yes this is a question I have been bombarded with, all these 8 years from many people. Typically like any other normal woman, soon after marriage she stayed at home taking care of the kids. She married not just me but my entire family''.




When Jyothika was asked how it is to come back after 8 years, she said "It was not easy to stay away from home without my kids. Suriya's mom, I call her Amma, she used to send me lunch packed everyday and Appa (Suriya's dad) used to constantly motivate me. If not for their support I wouldn't have acted in this film''.


What else was the driving force for this beautiful actress? She smiled and said, “There are too many people who have helped me to work in this film. I want to take this opportunity to convey my thanks to Sara, Anu, Poornima, and Lakshmi.’’ Jo further went on to thank most of the crew members and people who have helped her through her career.


Rosshan Andrrews


About working with Jyothika, he said, ‘’My wish was fulfilled. I have always wanted to work with Jyothika as I am her ardent fan. When I approached her with the script, I was nodded with a Yes.’’


He added, ‘’The film will most likely release by May and Santhosh has given brilliant pieces of music with a different perspective’’.




We know Jyothika as an actor but what about her other avatars? He said, ‘’Jyothika has four different avatars; a wife, a mother, a daughter and an artiste in this order of importance. She will definitely be working for more movies but her primary focus will be family. She has been a pillar of support for Suriya, infact 2D Entertainment is completely Jyothika’s baby. Having said that, there is also a man behind every woman’s success and Suriya is an example for that’’.


Lyricist Vivek


Writing songs for a heroine like Jyothika must have been difficult as she is indescribable. What was it working for her movie? He said, ‘’ Like we have mass heros, Jyothika is a mass heroine who is loved by everyone. Writing for her has been a pleasure. I exclusively wrote the song ‘Vaadi Rasathi’ for Jo. The lyrics are dedicated to her.’’


He added, ‘’Working for Santhosh is always a pleasure for me. And during my first wedding anniversary, my oath was to be a good husband like Suriya. He has been my inspiration to be the perfect husband’’.




What was his reaction towards 36 Vayathinile, ‘’Well, I wasn’t a fan of Jyothika until Mozhi. After Mozhi, I am sincerely waiting for her next film. When I watched the teaser of 36 Vayathinile, I was moved completely and I can’t wait for the film to release. Whenever I listen to the song Rasathi, I am moved and I get goosebumps’’.


Gnanavel Raja


From a producer’s angle, what did Gnanavel Raja think about 2D Entertainment, ‘’The makers of Haiku first approached me to produce that film but I only directed them to 2D Entertainment. I knew Suriya would be apt for this movie as he is an activist for children’s education and supports any form of edutainment. It was not because I wouldn’t produce anything apart from a commercial movie but since Haiku is a children’s based movie 2D Entertainment was the right choice.’’


How does Jyothika impress him as an actress, he said,  ‘’Like Karthi said, I wasn’t a great fan of Jyothika until Mozhi. After that film I was completely blown away by her performance and I became a sincere fan of Jyothika’’.


We wish Jyothika a successful comeback to the silver screen. The movie opens this summer.


Written by Anita Raghuraman with inputs from Balasaravanan


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