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Jun 16, 2015

The stage was ablaze when team Rajini Murugan got seated and was ready to address the gathering. Starting from the lead pair Sivakarthikeyan and Keerthi Suresh to comedian Soori, director Ponram, cinematographer Balasubramaniem, editor Vivek Harshan, lyricist Yugabharathi, director-producer Lingusamy and the hero of the evening D Imman, the press meet played the teaser about 4 times and also screened the visuals of the two songs Yennama Ippadi Panreengalema and Un Mele.  With some really enterprising talks, please find the below interesting excerpts from the meet, jotted down.


Soori - A big hello to everybody present here. It was my brother Ponram's extra push through VVS that made me a comedian belonging to the big league. Now again through Rajini Murugan, he has brought out the best in me. We didn't act in this movie. There was no acting involved. Karthi (Sivakarthikeyan) and me used to have all the fun before the camera, Ponram used to patiently wait for the best to come out and then he would say cut. Thanks to Bala (DoP) for showing all of us like stars shining bright. If you come to my house, you'll find a photo next to lord Muruga's frame. Even my wife was asking me who it was. I told her that it was editor Vivek Harshan's photo. He's the editor of Rajini Murugan. If not for him, I might hardly find myself in the final cut. When I was initially pleading the director to include more of my scenes, later I decided it was this guy Vivek who gets to do the cutting, fitting work. So I decided to treat him as my God till the movie releases.


On a serious note, It was a privilege to have worked with an actor like Rajkiran. If you think he can either break bones or bite bones, he's a flawless performer with so much of conviction and focus. There is a scene where he has to talk a series of dialogues and then transform the scenario into an emotional saga. All of us were gobsmacked to see his expertise for real. This team is my family and working with my brother Siva is always a delight. He is so committed to the project, only thinking about it. Me and him have tried our best to entertain you. Do visit us.


Rajkiran - This team is bound to entertain you. Post the success of Manja Pai, I heard about 15 scripts. But it was Ponram's Rajini Murugan that got my attention. Not just plain entertainment, the film has every little element to please every sect of the audience. More than the ingredients to make a hit film, I always tend to associate with films having a purpose. Rajini Murugan is a film with certain values being sophistically highlighted. Sivakarthikeyan has got all the talent and dedication to make it big. Soori can make anybody laugh. For all the hard-work the team has put in, Rajini Murugan will satisfy you by all means.


Ponram - I have approached Rajini Murugan like my first movie. Ignoring all the expectations and the hype, I consciously took a decision to make another entertainer than cross-checking the vitalities to make a hit movie. Only when Rajkiran cited that the film has got a message, did I realize that the movie actually does have such things. I believe in a certain format and I go by the guts. We've had extraordinary cooperation from everybody.  Thirrupathi Brothers booked me for this movie even before VVS released. When we needed somebody like Rajkiran playing an important role of a grandfather to Siva, we were apprehensive and doubtful if the experienced actor would actually want to work with somebody like us. Gladly, Rajkiran sir loved the character and immediately showed his consent. When on a heroine hunt, we were particular about getting a new face and after a wide search, we fixed Keerthi Suresh. Finally a heroine who could not just understand and talk Tamil fluently, but also read and write. She has given a terrific act and not forgetting my favourite boys Siva and Soori, their constant support to my vision will be evident this time also. Imman is my tonic. Only after getting the songs composed, I go to the shoot. This time also, he has given me brilliant songs. Samuthirakani plays the baddie called Mookan and Manobala does come in a small scene playing the owner of an Audi showroom. We've attempted a clean family entertainer, do support us.


Sivakarthikeyan - A warm welcome to all. The VVS team is back. I was very sceptical about the title Rajini Murugan. People might either think, what am I up to or how could we possibly justify the powerful term in the title. But in a matter of 25 minutes of narration, director Ponram convinced me. After listening to the script, I called Soori and asked to give it a listen. We both knew, there was so much scope to score but we were also aware of the responsibilities that had to be undertaken. There were days when I watched Aranmanai Kili sitting in the first row witnessing the gigantic Rajkiran on the big screen. I never imagined, I would act with him one day. The only request I made was, please give me a scene where Rajkiran sir and me can walk in slow motion shown in a lower angle. Glad the shot got used in the teaser cut.


There is nothing new in Rajini Murugan. The only chemistry you'll see is between Imman and Yugabharathi. In VVS, my only ambition was to not take up any work for a living. In Rajini Murugan, my only aim is to take up a job and become successful. So these films are completely different and diverse. We are coming again to provide you a laugh riot. When  Ponram sir's dialogue paper was 4 pages long, we'll make it to 10 pages. He gave complete freedom for us to improvise. I'm always obliged to Imman. For the kind of songs he gives, I can't thank him enough. My special thanks to Balasubramaniem for showing not just me but everybody beautiful. Even if there's a dirty plant in a frame, he'll be busy cleaning it. With 35 songs having been penned for me, 20 of them are written by Yugabharathi. People warned me to not sign this film since Lingusamy sir was supposedly plagued with issues. We will forever stand beside him and support him.


Imman - This is a team I love to work with. There will be this energy that keeps us going. Yugabharathi's constant support helps me in giving the best. I've had my audio releases during my birthday, but not on my dad's birthday. This is a very special launch for me. Delivering a rural-rustic album is not an easy feat. Thanks to team Rajini Murugan for providing the space. Our only priority was to give hit numbers. You have welcomed us again. Thanks a lot. Working with Thirrupathi Brothers is like staying home and listening to music. The whole creative process becomes easy and enjoyable. With nothing to spare, Rajini Murugan will entertain you.


Lingusamy - Before I strain to talk about the so called downslide of me, let me first talk about Rajini Murugan. We saw a potential in Ponram and we wanted to do a film with him. To silence the suspicions, I hereby declare, Rajini Murugan will release as per schedule and nothing or nobody can stop it. I will even pledge my house to have the movie released. Today, when I went to the beach to have a story discussion, it was amazing to see the colourful posters of Rajini Murugan. Looking at it gave me so much of energy and confidence.

Thanks to Rajkiran for doing another film with us after the successful Manjapai. He's a seasoned artist with lots of principles and respect for the craft. I introduced Yugabharathi. Soori played a junior artist in Ji. Imman's comeback happened through Mynaa. I remember Siva coming for Vazhakku Enn auditions. Now I'm so happy to see all of them grow into their own pedestals and constantly excel. Ponram has got a knack and this film will do well.


Coming to me and my career graph, one of our family astrologers told, "Lingusamy cannot make a film in his entire lifetime". My brother and me came to this city with just the zeal to make films. So, I have nothing to lose. I'm glad for all that has happened to me. There will be Uttama Villains coming in life. Now I know, who are my real friends. When I was nothing but a film fanatic, you all made me a director. With great pride let me tell you, Imman will be Sandakozhi 2's music director and Soori also has a very important role to play in it. My second half begins here. I am not here to prove anybody. There is a long way to go. I will continue to work hard and keep making movies.


With such a declaration, the event came to an end.


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