My brother Arya never bought me anything when I asked for - Now he has gifted me a movie ! - Event Story

Aug 25, 2014
My brother Arya never bought me anything when I asked for - Now he has gifted me a movie !

It was all quiet and settled for the 'Amara Kaaviyam' press meet at RKV studios, until the darling of masses, producer's delight, Arya dressed in white, came in. In today's scenario, it's easier to make a movie, but requires out of the box measures to reach the masses about the movie, to bring them to the theatres.
Camera lined up like bazookas, press kit getting distributed, journalists readying their questions and the esteemed guests on the stage chit chatting among themselves, it was time to begin the agenda. Without much of a fuss, it was one of the swiftest press meets ever. Starting with,
Editor Suriya - 'My sincere thanks to the press for taking sometime to be here, we need your unconditional support for this movie. I've already worked with Jeeva in ‘Naan’. This romantic masterpiece will appeal for sure. Thanks again'. 
Art director V. Selvakumar - 'I make it a point to miss all the press meets. I'm generally not comfortable talking to a large group of people. I am Sabu Sir's assistant. In this particular movie, we have taken meticulous efforts to make the art department go along the period script. We've also made it a point to make the properties go unnoticed like the higher secondary books used by the lead, backdrops at a tea shop when India won the World Cup. Director Jeeva, never wanted it to be obvious. I am totally new to this trend of addressing gatherings, mistake if any, please bear it'. 
Director Jeeva Shankar - 'In the year 2002, I was assisting Jeeva sir. That's when Arya got roped in for Ullam Ketkume. My guru asked me to come to office a little early, to train the timid boy Jamshad. My relationship with Arya continues to this day. I have witnessed his growth as an actor, but after this film, the producer in Arya will be noticed. He is such a delight. He was busy with shooting and never even bothered to come to the sets of Amara Kaaviyam for the trust he had in us. I assure of a classic love story here. Love stories are emotions based, so the actors have to emote and re-enact the scene appropriately by giving living life to it. The entire cast and crew have contributed their best to this love saga. The story of this movie is something I came across when I was in my 2nd std. Thanks to my memory and the impact of the event, it has helped me to make a film today. When I was having a tough time funding this project, Arya told, he’ll do this. I thought, it was one of his usual histrionics, but he was completely serious for the first time and here we are, before you’.   
Sathya, Arya's brother came to me one day and asked me to click pictures of him. I thought he wanted a decent profile picture, but everybody was astonished about his sudden interest to act in films. Arya and I literally had a fight over the issue. He never wanted Sathya to get into this turmoil and rather study. But after Amara Kaaviyam, you all will see the real conviction in Sathya. He has made all of us proud. Special credits to heroine Mia and music director Ghibran, they're the real life-line of this movie. This film will prove to be an important product of this year. Please give your support, media'. 
Ghibran - 'Director and I just came back from the mastering. We are so happy about the product. Even after 10 years, when people try getting back to the best love stories made around 2014, they'll definitely refer to Amara Kaaviyam. This movie is bound to surprise you and take you to an emotional drama.
Actor Sathya - 'Be it the film or everybody associated, including my brother Arya and director Jeeva, all of them are so genuine. I'm the only less genuine factor of this movie as a human being. But I have tried to be a genuine actor. Please support us'.
Producer Arya - 'I never wanted my brother to be an actor. He was not concentrating in studies. My mother was scolding me for his restlessness. But finally, here he is. I feel so proud of my brother to have pulled this off. Nobody gets such a hardcore love story in the early start of their career. Even I haven't got this opportunity. I am so happy now. Please support this film. It needs your love and support. Thanks for coming. 
After the series of flash bulbs all over, the floor was open for the question and answer session. 
Journalist from the behind asks,
Q- To Sathya. You brothers might have had tiffs over an ice-cream, but now your brother has gifted you a movie. What do you feel about it?

A- My brother has not done anything that I've asked for, but now finally, he has given me a brand new movie to act in. 
After this brief event, the session continued onto video bytes form the celebs. Press meets are the time to inform and educate about the film, to public. Hope this piece of reading does give a peek about the whole event.



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