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The emotional Mohan Raja and Jayam Ravi in Thani Oruvan success meet.

Thani Oruvan success meet was an emotional event to witness. When director Mohan Raja was called to address the gathering... 


"I've been in the industry for 12 long years. I was born with a silver spoon. There was nothing that we couldn't afford. When I was a child, I remember my father explaining the screenplay of the film 'Great Escape' having me on his lap. It is because of him, we were even introduced to this world. Since then, I have loved cinema and only cinema. (Raja makes a pause and a tear drops out of his right eye) I was remaking films and at some point I didn't know what I was actually doing. Am I a director? What people think of me? Such questions were never answered. When I wanted to do a straight film, nobody believed in me. I was constantly called to remake films but I was particular about doing Thani Oruvan. 


Lots of producers and music-directors were skeptical about taking up Thani Oruvan. But I spent all my time with the present day youth and I came to a conclusion. When they are so informed about everything, why wouldn't they want a sensible film? I trusted them and I made a film for them. Thani Oruvan officially started by 2008. I gave all my energy to it. Thanks to the cast and the crew, we've pulled off a genuine film loved by all. I'm not taking all these to my head. Will continue to work hard and give my best. Thank you all''. 


With watery eyes, Jayam Ravi wipes off the wet lashes with a tissue-paper and comes to the podium,


''I promise, I won't cry. All my brother wanted was to give me a successful film. He had sacrificed his career just for me. But after Thani Oruvan, he is a new Raja now. Today is the day, he has tasted all the success he deserved. When the whole world was calling him Remake Raja, I would laugh inside me. Wait for the day, the serious filmmaker is going to suddenly take you all by surprise. That has happened now. (Jayam Ravi breaks down again) I am really happy for him. Hats off to you brother''.      


The emotional Mohan Raja and Jayam Ravi in Thani Oruvan success meet.

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