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Thani Oruvan producer Archana thanks cast, fans and media

Jayam Ravi - Arvind Swami’s Thani Oruvan which was released last Friday, 28th of August looks to be an outright winner from how things are shaping out to be. The film is enjoying unanimous positivity all around.

The movie is majorly being lauded for its racy screenplay, dialogues, storyline and casting. It could be one of those benchmark films for many technicians who have extended their soulful support to this film produced by AGS Entertainment.

Archana Kalpathi, CEO of AGS took to Twitter to share her thoughts and to thank people who have been instrumental in Thani Oruvan’s success. Her tweets are mentioned below,

“Producers are dreamers. All we want is to give a hit that is critically acclaimed and a commercial success. #ThaniOruvan has done that for #AGS.

I would like to thank the entire cast and crew for all the hard work. We are proud producers.

Last but def not the least @thearvindswami for his sheer brilliance as #SiddarthAbimanyu . Sir a big Thank u.

The #ThaniOruvan team would like to thank the media and film goers for their overwhelming support. This is what we strive for. Thank u.

Our Distributors and Theater owners have been our backbone. Thank you for your unconditional support for #AGS #ThaniOruvan”.


Thani Oruvan producer Archana thanks cast, fans and media

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