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Singer Padmalatha talks about her experience singing in Thani Oruvan
Thani Oruvan, the Jayam brothers' upcoming venture is on the verge of release, this coming Friday. The pre-release buzz is very good thanks to the success of the music, teaser and trailer. The number 'Kannala Kannala' in particular is already a favorite among listeners, and with visuals it may soar even higher. We spoke to singer Padmalatha, the female singer for this sensual duet song,
"Working with Hiphop Tamizha Adhi is lots of fun, it feels like collaborating with a fellow independent artist. He has a great sound sense and is very good in mixing and innovations. He asks us to sing in all possible styles and he will use the best one to suit the song's mood. He also encourages new singers and doesn't just go by reputation. His songs will contain a lot of genres and cannot be slotted in just one bucket.
Adhi may look playful like a typical youngster but the work he does is very good. The 'Kannala Kannala' song has been filmed very well in a beach set-up, with the lead pair. Director Raja appreciated me and told me that I'll fare really well after this song.
And my earlier song for Adhi, 'Kadhale' from Indru Netru Naalai gave me a great reach, as the film also did great. Shankar Mahadevan told Adhi that he liked my voice, and wondered in amazement at the way my voice was layered in the song."
Padmalatha also sang 'Payanangal Thodarudhae' in the recent Orange Mittai and is eagerly looking forward to the release of Thani Oruvan.


Singer Padmalatha talks about her experience singing in Thani Oruvan

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