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Amzath Khan talks about his experience working in the Nayanthara starrer Maya
Actor Amzath Khan of Vallinam fame would be seen in the upcoming Nayanthara starrer Maya, directed by Ashwin Saravanan. The trailer of the film has been appreciated widely and the music is out today, 13th July. We spoke to Amzath to know more about the film, his role and of course Nayanthara. He adds,
"I play a character called Ram, who works as the editor in a publication. The beauty with Maya is that each character is required for the script and would be indispensable. The film would be free of any templates and would stand out unique.
I know director Ashwin from our short film days and I was bowled over after reading his script, which was written with so much clarity and with all shot divisions. I was ready to play any character in his film and told him the same. I was then put on to the producers, Potential Studios, who gave Ashwin the freedom to choose his actors. After 3 to 4 auditions, I was on board.
Ashwin is, I think, the youngest director around. Though he is just 24, he is so well-informed, aware and mature. He is full of information, belying his age. He didn't even assist any other director formally before Maya!
And coming to Nayanthara, she was so friendly and made sure that we felt comfortable around her. She never used to go inside her caravan despite the fact that we were shooting at night in a forest area. And punctuality is another big plus point in her, as she used to be ready with her make-up before the scheduled time. She also used to keep in mind the continuity in make-up. I didn't get much time to spend with her but working with a big star like Nayanthara is so beneficial. That said, she never behaved like a star.
I would really like to thank the producers for the opportunity that they have given me, and also Ashwin for believing me."
Maya is set for a release later this month.


Amzath Khan talks about his experience working in the Nayanthara starrer Maya

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