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Interview Team : Tamil Dharani

Mia George, the Amara Kaaviyam girl who swept our hearts with her stupendous acting opens up to Tamil Dharani.


Entry into filmdom...

It was an accidental entry for me. I didn’t expect an offer or seek a role. No auditions, No portfolios, nothing was done. A director saw a photograph of mine in a magazine and that is how it happened. I am the first person to enter this industry from my family and they are my biggest support.

No auditions, No portfolios, nothing was done. 


Being an actress...

Many people struggle to enter this industry. Everyone dreams about it. I feel fortunate and lucky because I didn’t even try anything and it was all destined for me. I didn’t expect or think of this kind of life. So everything is God’s gift and I am enjoying it.


Indru Netru Naalai...

One month before the shoot of Indru Netru Naalai, the director called and discussed about the story. I had a lot of questions and doubts when Ravi kumar narrated it through a phone call. Past, present and future were completely confusing. But later I met him where all the doubts were cleared and I was confident that it would definitely entertain people.

Past, present and future were completely confusing.


Science fiction...

I always love to experiment and try new things. It is a total contrast from my first movie Amara Kaaviyam. You needn’t have to be super brilliant to understand Indru Netru Naalai. It is a simple movie and I am happy that people are enjoying it.

I love to experiment and try new things.


Vishnu Vishal...

He is a great actor who is very supportive of other actors working in the film. He is a friendly person to work with. After each shot, he would take a look at the monitor and would request the director to try it in a different way. He always tries to put his best to make the shot perfect. For me, it was totally a new atmosphere, he made me feel very comfortable.


Amara Kaaviyam Ponnu...

After Amara Kaaviyam I received many unwanted messages. Many found me through Facebook and started messaging me. I was wondering how everyone is tracing me. Even now I get feedbacks on my first film. Recently I visited a Radio station in Chennai, everybody was awed and they welcomed me as, “Amara Kaaviyam Ponnu”. Being just a one-movie-old actress and receiving this kind of appreciation, I feel really blessed. Though the movie didn’t do well at the box office, I am happy that Karthika has sustained in all hearts. Of all my Malayalam and Tamil roles, Karthika is my favourite and close to my heart.

I received many unwanted messages


Happiest Moment...

I got a surprise call before Amara Kaaviyam’s release, an unknown voice said ‘Nayanthara would like to talk to you, Are you free now?’ , I was like,’AH..YES..ABSOLUTELY FREE…’ .She spoke a lot to me and appreciated my performance. She had apparently seen a special show of the film. WHAT MORE CAN I EXPECT, it was my first appreciation for that role and the happiest moment of my life.

‘Nayanthara would like to talk to you, Are you free now?’


Teeny - Tiny

Kerala Miss Fitness 2012 - It was pure luck that I won it because I have done nothing to keep my body fit. No diet, nothing.


Beauty tips - Applying honey makes you healthier, thats all I do.


Future projects - My next Tamil movie is “Oru Naal Koothu” with Attakathi Dinesh. It’s directed by debutant Nelson and we have 3 more days to shoot.


Scar on your forehead - I actually fell down when I was young and to my surprise everybody has started loving it.

To my surprise everybody has started loving it.


It’s all Favourites....

Actor - Aamir Khan

Actress - Kajol

Director - Mani Ratnam for Roja

Food - My mom’s preparation

Place - Shimla

Attire - Casuals

Past Time - Watching TV

Subject - Literature

Profession -Teaching





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