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Interview Team : Jyothsna

Keerthy Suresh is unique and special. Her first film is yet to release but the beautiful actress is already a part of many important films. Born to yesteryear actress Menaka and producer Suresh, Keerthy’s films Idhu Enna Mayam with Vikram Prabhu and Rajini Murugan with Sivakarthikeyan are awaiting release soon. She is also a part of Simhaa’s Paambu Sattai.

Amidst her busy schedule Keerthy talks to Senior Editor Jyothsna Bhavanishankar on a wide variety of subjects ranging from her films to her heroes to her design course.


You started as a child artist…

You can’t say that but eventually it became like this. My dad is a producer in Malayalam films. We used to live in Chennai till I was in 5th grade. Whenever we went to Kerala for vacations and if my dad was shooting for his film, I just used to show my face in few shots. That’s how my film journey began. All the movies that I did as a child artist were all my dad’s films only. It was nothing serious.


I did a song in a film called Pilot starring Suresh Gopi. It was again one of those which I did during my vacation. Afterwards I did a prominent role as Dileep’s daughter in my third film Kuberan as a child artist. It is actually funny because later I acted with him as heroine. It was very nostalgic. My first movie as a heroine was Geethanjali but it was in Ring Master that I paired with Dileep.


As your parents are from the film industry, was it a planned move on your part to enter films?

Basically I wanted to act but my parents felt that if something had to come, it would anyways come very definitely. I had been getting offers from the time when I was in 9th grade but my parents thought I was too young at that stage and wanted me to complete my studies. Even after I completed my 12th, I was not in any hurry. I picked fashion designing for my college studies. 

I had been getting offers from the time when I was in 9th grade 


Why fashion designing?

In Kerala, it is like this-most of the parents want their kids to become an engineer or a doctor. My sister and I were very sure of one thing-we wanted to be away from this standard template and were interested in the creative side of film industry.


I wanted to do a course which is creative and also associated with the industry. That’s how I took up fashion designing. I did four years course in Pearl Academy, Chennai.


When and how did your first offer come by?

Priyan uncle (Priyadarshan), my dad and Mohanlal uncle studied and started their careers together. Priyan uncle’s first movie was produced by my dad and Mohanlal acted in it. My dad had given him (Priyan) his first movie and he wanted to give me my first film. It is all like connecting somewhere.


It was in my 3rd year when Priyan uncle approached me with his film. I was in London on an exchange program when he called me. He said, “You come back and we will start shooting”. I was surprised by the kind of his trust that simply called me for shooting. I thought if he had so much of trust on me, I should at least have some on myself.


Actually I was hesitant because I wanted to complete studies. But he felt I was not interested in acting. Somehow I managed to finish two movies and also my final year. Luckily I am a graduate now which I am always proud of. My last year at the college involved a project. I managed to wrap Ringmaster shoot and also come back and finish my project without a bad grade. I am happy and proud of it.

My dad had given Priyan uncle his first movie and he wanted to give me my first film



I did not pair with Mohanlal in the film but I paired with Nishanth. Lal uncle was the main lead and had combination scenes with him. There were many experienced artists in Geethanjali like Innocent, Seema aunty, Siddhiq, Madhu sir etc. I was scared for my very first shot with them because they are all very experienced. However, it was different with Lal uncle perhaps because I have seen him from my younger days.  I don’t know why but I never got scared to act with him,

 I never got scared to act with Mohanlal


How did you get Idhu Enna Mayam?

My first Tamil film is Idhu Enna  Mayam. Producer Listin is my dad’s friend. That’s how he approached, and later director Vijay met me in Trivandrum, told half the story. Apparently he got a call from Priyan uncle who told him I was a good actress (As you may be aware, Vijay is a student of Priyan uncle). I was finalized for the film. After I came to Chennai I listened to the rest of the story. From there it moved on.


Working with Vikram Prabhu

Vikram Prabhu is very reserved and quite. But I don’t know how, he talks less but teases me more. He is very sweet and a good actor. We had a nice chemistry on screen. It is very difficult to get Vijay sir’s meter. Vikram keeps calling it meter. Vijay sir used to say it should not go more or less than this. So Vikram will say, ‘ok sir, naan metera pidikkaraen’. Both of us had a difficult time connecting with Vijay sir in the initial days. He wanted it natural but in our style. After a point, we started getting the hang of it. It was nice working with Vikram Prabhu and he was very supportive of me. 

Vikram talks less but teases me more


Nirav Shah was my best friend

Nirav Shah sir was my best friend in Idhu Enna Mayam (IEM) set. Every woman in IEM set was behind Nirav sir as he is very smart. He is also very cool.


"Vijay sir used to make me eat a lot"

IEM set was the one where we had many vegetarians like me, Vijay sir, Nirav sir and a few ADs. And we used to hog a lot. Food was the major highlight in IEM set. Vijay sir used to make me eat a lot of food and I used to tell him, “Sir, I am your heroine, if I put on weight, it will be a problem for you”. But he would say its ok, eat well. 

Vijay sir used to make me eat a lot


"I tried to match Sivakarthikeyan with my wits"

Rajini Murugan started at the end of Idhu Enna Mayam. I had good fun shooting for the film.  It was advantageous for me because I can talk Tamil. When Sivakarthikeyan used to tease me, I used to throw back at him with my wit and tried to match him. And there was also Soori anna. Siva and Soori anna were like super fun. We had fun teasing each other. 

When Sivakarthikeyan used to tease me, I used to throw back at him with my wit


Sivakarthikeyan used to make all sorts of sound while eating

In Rajini Murugan sets, they were all non-vegetarians. When we were shooting in Karaikudi, the nearby mess used to invite us for food and all non-vegetarians used to be around me-Siva, director Ponram and others. I was the only vegetarian. Sivakarthikeyan used to make all kinds of noises deliberately while eating to irritate me.

Sivakarthikeyan used to make all kinds of noises deliberately while earing to irritate me


Two different characters

The characters in both IEM and RM were difficult. In IEM, I play a character called Maya who is a very simple, calm and soft spoken urban girl. It was difficult because of the story; character wise it was easy. Every time as the character Maya, I had to imagine what is going to happen and story wise I needed to think about it a lot.


When it came to Rajini Murugan, it was a different ball game. I play Karthika Devi, a proper bubbly smart Madurai, thuru thuru girl. That was difficult and it took five to six days to get into the character. I was actually like Maya (INM) for the first few days because I could not get out of her. Also it was the first time I am doing a Madurai girl role. In the 2nd schedule it was easier, I gelled with the character and it was easy then. 


Other projects

I am doing Paambu Sattai with Bobby Simhaa under Magic Frames production which is almost finished. I play a poor girl in the city in the film who knows how to handle her family. It is different from the other two characters as it is much more matured. I am also doing Kavalai Vendam with Jiiva.


Before even a single release, you have been flooded with films. How do you feel about it?

It’s God’s grace. Everyone has been asking me this and I am scared. Of course, I am lucky. It is like a big responsibility and I should do well. So far, I have given my best, I am now waiting for the release of my films.


When scripts come to you, do your parents help you in the selection?

My parents also help me out. I definitely don’t want to be cornered in a movie as heroine. I should have something to do in the film. The story, the actors, directors-I look at it as a whole, the project, the feel of it and the idea it gives me.


Of your mom’s films, which one you like and which one you feel is her best?

Opol in Malayalam is her debut film. My  mom was the best in it and was nominated for National Award. I like her Netrikkan and Savithri with Bharathan sir. Her first in Tamil was Ramayi Vayasukku Vandutta that was also nice. I  like Savitri the best.


You have done a course in designing. Does it help you in your acting career?

Very much! When it comes to  costumes, I know the nitty gritties to talk to people about. Most of the times at the sets, the designer will not be there to communicate with the tailor and I can take charge in such situations. I feel glad that my studies come to my help during such times. I also share my thoughts with the designer. Right now I am not designing because I don’t get time. 


Do you have a dream role? What kind of role you think you would be good in?

I don’t think much about the future and just go with the flow. I do what I get because half the time, only when the roles come, I realize such characters exist. I also like the character of Kangana in Queen and Parvathi in Maryan. These are the characters I wish to do. But it is not that I aim for it or want to work with a particular director. I just go with the flow. That’s how I work while waiting for the best.


Wish you the very best Keerthy!





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