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Interview Team : Jyothsna

Ganesh Venkatraman who rocked the screen with his debonair avatar in Theeya Velai Seyyanum Kumaru is ready with his next flick Achaaram directed by Mohan Krishna and the film is ready to hit the screens this Friday, the 19th June.

Ahead of Achaaram release, Ganesh talks about the film, his role and his wedding preparations to Senior Editor Jyothsna Bhavanishankar, 


How did Achaaram happen?


Director Mohan Krishna has been a friend and an associate of director Radha Mohan. I have known him since Abhiyum Naanum days. He met me two years back and narrated the story which I liked instantly.


A different visualizing


What was appealing about the story and my character was, firstly, the story would give me a B & C market as it is family oriented and the concept is more B & C. Even the looks Mohan had designed for me, one with a moustache and very local and the other very stylish, the way I am, were interesting. I liked the fact that he was visualizing me in a different light altogether. Unlike everybody who sees me as an urban stylish guy, he conceived me in a different way and was very confident that if I do this film, I will get a good reach in B & C. I thought that was good as it is essential for an artist to connect with all the segments of markets.

It is essential for an artist to connect with all the segments of markets


The story


More than anything, I connected very deeply with the story. It is from a real life incident that my director himself saw which happened in Tanjore some years back. I liked that aspect very much. So as an audience, I would like to see the story unfold before me. That’s how the ball started rolling for Achaaram.


My character


I play someone called Surya and the character is two dimensional. I have not played such a role in my career before. As I said earlier, I have two different looks in the film, one is a rustic look and the other is much stylized. One of the dimensions of this character has completely negative shade. When you watch the film, you will keep wondering and guessing if this character is a positive one or a negative one. Till the climax when it is revealed, the guessing game will be on.

My character Surya is two dimensional


Learning from the director


I observed my director a lot to play my character as he had been privy to the real life incident and shared many things with me about the character. In fact in many places the dialogues he had written were so emotional. I made him speak the lines as I wanted to tap that emotion. I would listen to it over and over again. A lot of my preparation has been borrowed from director Mohan Krishna’s journey. And actually Mohan sir is someone who has been in the industry for more than 18 years now. He has worked with Vijay and others. He is a much talented director and has so much of fire in his belly. I thoroughly enjoyed working under Mohan sir’s direction.

Mohan has worked with the likes of Vijay


Poonam Kaur


Poonam plays the lady lead in the film and she has got a very good role, a performance oriented one unlike other films where heroine’s scope is limited. Her character is the fulcrum of the film. She has done a lovely job considering she does not know the language. Working with Poonam was easy because I have done ads with her. She was also there in Unnai Pol Oruvan all though we did not share screen space with each other. Since I know her well, the working equation was good with her. 

Poonam's character is the fulcrum of the film


Munna and Rekha Harris


Munna, plays a vital part in the film. He forms part in the love angle. He is coming back after a break to Tamil cinema and has done a good job.  


My other co-star is Rekha Harris. She plays my mom in the film. Though the mother-son episode comes for only half an hour in the film, it is so strong emotionally that it will catch the audience attention unawares. The chemistry between the mother-son has come out very  well. It was lovely working with the much talented Rekha Ma’am.

The chemistry between the mother-son has come out very  well


Bonding as a family


We shot a major portion of the film in Kodaikanal for almost one and a half months in 2 schedules. We all bonded very well as a family. We also celebrated Poonam’s  birthday on the sets.




Srikanth Deva sir has done the music for Achaaram. This being the thriller, the background score for any thriller is important to give the audience the feel. He has scored background very well and has given good tracks.


My personal favorite is Veetukkoru Devadhai and the song is about every man’s dream about his wife, the qualities that she should embody when she comes into his family, her equation with his mother and other family members and how to lead life. This number will surely appeal to the audience in terms of visuals and lyrics. It has been picturized well and I am sure it is going to be a big hit.   

Every man dreams about his wife


Other technicians


RK Prathap, the cinematographer has worked in films like James Vasanthan’s Vaanavil Vaazhkai and Vikraman’s Ninaithadhu Yaaro. He was also an associate of Manoj Paramahans in Vinnai Thaandi Varuvaaya. His visuals are also appealing. Editor Suresh Urs is a veteran in the field. His contribution to the film is significant.




For producer Ambedkar, it is his first film. He is someone who is very passionate about cinema. In today’s scenario in Tamil cinema, it is the toughest job to be a producer. Making the film is not even half the task but to get the film released and to get the right theatres, need a lot of marketing strategies. More than the finances, you need passion.  He stood like a rock of Gibraltar because he believed in the product and loved it and hence has gone all out  to release this film. 

Ambedkar stood like a rock of Gibraltar


Opening new markets and avenues


Achaaram is an interesting movie in terms of the way it is released. I see it less as a multiplex oriented film. Most of my earlier films have been multiplex films from Unnai Pol Oruvan, Abhiyum Naanum, Theeya Velai Seyyanum Kumaru and Ivan Vera Maadhiri. Yes, they would run in B and C too.


But Achaaram is more of a B and C centre film. Of course, we will have a multiplex release. But the presence in the B & C will be more. Family audience and B & C are the target segment and the team is planning the release also accordingly. It is good for me because I am working with a team who are well aware of their strengths. I am going with the flow because I know my A centre films and its business. This film would also open markets for me in a new area. The character that I have played, one of the dimensions with a moustache, people would not have seen me before. It is more localized and understated. People who have seen the film liked it very much and felt that I should do more of such films. I am waiting now for the audience’s response. 

I know my A centre films and its business


Other projects


My next release would be Thani Oruvan with Jayam Ravi, Nayanthara and Arvind Swami which is looking for an August release. It is a huge canvas and a multi-starrer and I am quite excited about it.


I have done Guns of Benares, the Hindi remake of Polladhavan. I have to dub for the film and it is slated for an year end release.


Wedding Bells


Marriage preparations have started and I am quite excited about it. I am going to be moving into my new house in a couple of months. The interior work is also keeping me busy. 


Wishing you all the best Ganesh!





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