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'Thani Oruvan' is a kevalamaana padam! , Thani Oruvan, Jayam Ravi


“The name is Arvind Swami. I should make sure I’m not stereotyped.  I am a genius actor with a solid Alma mater. I am choosy, unpredictable and a thorough professional. Having been given the looks and a gifted voice, let me take the time to decide my next big role considering what Thani Oruvan is all of a sudden doing to my career graph”.


Using an imaginary voiceover to start this gist of thoughts, let’s now use the potentially provoking start Arvind Swami has provided to go in a little deeper to know why Thani Oruvan stands apart. How about this? ‘Thani Oruvan oru kevalamaana padam’ will be the most tried-out tweet or a post on the first of April reflecting the general public’s humor. Everybody loves the film, why? Read the following.  


Having dedicated his life (let’s keep it that way) for the setting of an ideal platform for his taller brother Jayam Ravi, the remake Raja has stemmed from a filmmaker who redoes a successful film, to an original director, whose story the rest of the industries are going to prefer.


When decades of methodology have gone into the learning and making of Tamil cinema, one untellable tale of the trick is pretending to assume the fate of a film. The media-shy director went on a hibernation mode and nobody knew what the story-teller was doing. A winner with Vijay’s Velayudham and then a sudden acting stint with Enna Satham Indha Neram- now everybody is shell-shocked by the kind of result Raja has generated with the action-thriller. With unanimous positive reviews, what would be that one thought lingering in the minds of the team that has given a clean entertainer?


Sidharth Abhimanyu is compared to Heath Ledger’s reprisal on Batman; Jayam Ravi is lauded for his career best performance; Nayanthara’s character sketch has shattered the typecasting of heroines; Subha’s dialogues are remembered as the best quotes and won't it take another brilliant film of such sorts to get over Thani Oruvan?


After Alex Pandian and Vadacurry, Thani Oruvan also highlights the drug mafia extensively carried out in an imaginary political state. So here, I would like to particularly mention the uncompromising efforts taken by the writers of the film. Superimposing the preachy nature of the story or including a comedian would have made Thani Oruvan a very ordinary film by all means. When we’ve misread the taste and preferences of the audience for a while, irrespective of the age-group, people have loved the intensity of this film.


Hair-raising moments in Thani Oruvan

Pazhani’s negotiation with the minister

When Mithran gauges the heat of the silencer

When Mithran observes the Ambulance

Mithran explaining about paid journalism

Mithran’s study about the top three baddies  

Siddharth awarding Mithran a pistol

Mithran being bugged

Siddharth’s ploy with Shilpa

Mahima’s touch of love to Mithran when he goes all berserk over Siddharth

When Mithran realizes he’s bugged 

Proposing Mahima and also saving Shilpa

Siddharth telling a story to his father

Mithran finding the SD card

When Mithran edits Manimegalai’s video

Tricking Siddharth about his dad’s death

The bulletproof connect


When I don’t want to spend further time on how amazing Thani Oruvan is, a team of hard-workers has genuinely narrated a story with no logical loopholes or by adding whatsoever concessions to provide the so called relief through songs and other palpable elements to entertain. Thani Oruvan is anchored by a rock-solid story with an engaging screenplay and amusing performances to transform the film from an ordinary Friday release to an imposing product.


Audiences have always been ready. With the best of the ingredients, give us an appetite filling dish; we’ll make it our staple food!


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