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Top 10 Trailers of the first half of 2014 - A Review, Mundasupatti, Velai Illa Pattadhaari


Trailers are the initial driving force of a movie notifying public what the movie is about. Trailers have to be super racy, justifying the nature and establishing the content of the film with respect to the most interesting and promising scenes. People have to be excited about coming to the movie. Trailers have to literally educate us on the particular film, regarding the characters, the songs, action sequences, comical elements, emotional context and of course the lead cast and technical crew titles. There are bad trailers of a good movie and very good trailers of a bad movie. Here are the reviews of the 10 Best Trailers of the first half of Tamil Cinema, selected through a poll in our verified Facebook page - https://www.facebook.com/media/set/?set=a.700188753362095.1073742432.135016083212701&type=3.
10. Mundaspatti:
The hilariously made trailer of Mundasupatti is clever and smart .Though a period film, trailer has been treated all fresh with Sean’s warm Raasa Magarasa track. Immediate cuts, fade in and the fade outs set a tempo to the trailer. Special attention has been given to sound design binding the trailer. “Coming soon” is a vital phenomenon for trailers. Mundasupatti does it in style.
9. Yaamirukka Bayamey:
The trailer of a horror film has to have those dark, shiver producing shots to justify its purpose. Yaamirukka Bayamey falls under the genre of a comedy - horror flick and packaging a trailer for such a film can be tricky. 
However, Sreekar Prasad, the editor of the film, has appeared to have used all his experience to scissor out an intriguing trailer. A few establishing shots of the haunted mansion along with some dialogues that suggest that Karunakaran possesses special powers tightens up the curiosity of the people.
"Vaada vaada Panni Moonji Vaaya" definitely increases the intended impact of the trailer that chases the people INTO the theaters.
8. Naan Sivappu Manidhan:
To the point trailer from Ruben, NSM is equally gripping and intuitive. Real time dialogues and blinks on the vitals of the film instigates attraction. A trailer has to promise us on what the movie is about. Not mislead by forming a trailer only on the perfect scenes from the film. NSM trailer orients us on what the movie actually is. Apt and on the face
7. Madras:
A character from the movie pops to help us understand the trailer that is to be followed. Cutting a trailer differs from a movie. You don't have your own sweet time. Time and space has to be respected and handled with care. Two is better than the one while editing ? Praveen K.L and N.B. Srikanth etches out a perfect trailer delivering a story in the trailer itself. A trailer has to be punched with the audio visually convincing content. With Santhosh doing the music, a very ordinary scene of somebody drinking water also can be elevated. The final most shot of the trailer is just top class.
6. Kathai Thiraikadhai Vasanam Iyakkam:
It becomes easier to make an attention-grabbing trailer if the movie itself is. Witty Parthiban is all ready with this brilliantly cut trailer packaged with all mandatory rudiments right from drama to comic relief to love to the search involved in the movie. Tight cuts and finally the coming soon on a moving car is a cherry on the cake. Sudharshan is bound to go places with this show reel.      
5. Thegidi: 
Trailers are the advertisements form of a film. It still has to convey an idea in a limited period. The most understandable trailer of the year with Hollywood like words card used in between to highlight the design of the movie is crystal clear. Begins on the romance and then speeds up to the high voltage suspense involved. Literally the core of the film is explained through repetitive echoing voice in the background. Leo is the next template manager. Nivas K Prasanna's music sets the tempo.  
4. Kochadaiiyaan:
Longest of the lot, Kochadaiiyaan's trailer literally takes us on a visual tour on the basic premises of the film. Like the Hollywood prototypes with word cards interlinking the various emotions involved in the film, Kochadaiiyaan has the most saleable brand superstar Rajinikanth in it. Is reverberating voice, K.S. Ravikumar's histrionic dialogues, Rahman's monumental orchestration elevates this mythological period film in a whole new canvas of motion capture technology a new experience. Anthony's sharp cuts adds the edge to the trailer making it the most spruced.    
3. Arima Nambi:
A comedy film has to have a comical trailer. But a thriller film has to have a thrilling trailer. Sticking to the genre’ Arima Nambi’s trailer is just stimulating, glossy and modish. They haven’t fused the nub of the film with other possible fundamentals making it less pacy. T.S. Suresh has great control on time 
2. Jigarthanda:
A promising trailer can bring 100 extra people into cinema halls. A technically sound and visually niche Jigarthanda trailer almost lets out the intuitive story. Starting by the classic audio cue before the visual, Sidharth's profundity in the voice over takes us into the trailer, defining the nail biting moments of the film along with the characters and catharsis.  A tidily cut trailer by Vivek Harshan is supported by Santhosh Narayanan's dazzling BGM again ending on Sidharth's slow motion, running towards the camera shot with voice over. 
1. Velai Illa Pattadhaari (VIP):
One of the best packaged trailers of this year. Right from the beginning when Dhanush starts off with a dialogue to the end, VIP has maintained certain level of continuity by linear narration. The trailer is a film by itself. With the mixture of dialogues comprehending scenes to BGM based cuts to the high speed i.e slow motion parts of the movie, VIP is bound to win some patronized viewership for the trailer itself.  M.V. Rajesh Kumar seems to have mastered the craft of optimizing scene selection and visual narration with high commercial values. One mass trailer.

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