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Exclusive First Listen: Kakki Sattai, Kakki Sattai, Sivakarthikeyan


Anirudh's success formula has been surprising us. What does he actually do to come up with chart-busters every time? Is being an independent musician in early part of his career doing all the magic? The casual rhyme scheme, high priority for the rhythm section and naturally existing pep make the listening experience equivalent to hogging a cup-cake when hungry for a dessert. With 7 distinct tracks, Kaaki Sattai brings the promising Sivakarthikeyan and Anirudh combination back to the music stores. The album is equally packaged with Anirudh's signature element and some new venturing into EDM and Funk. Another added advantage of an Anirudh number is the length of it. They are always crisp and apt.  
The tracks are perky and different. Anirudh does render his charismatic voice for most of the numbers, retains his favorite mascot Vishal Dadlani and prefers Shakthi Shree and power-house Anthony Daasan for their respective genres. Acoustics drums, guitars on distortion, programmed Thavil, little bit of flute, lots of dub-step, groovy loop stations, electronic Veenai, over-powering DJ effects and funky bass guitar slaps. This is Kaaki Sattai's instrumentation in simple words. The songs lean more towards the partying gangs out there, who just love to jump. Kaaki Sattai is for the restless youth and the really hard ear-drums. If you could stand the beats in your lungs, Kaaki Sattai will be your pick for car drives and pubs.
The title track Kaaki Sattai fuses real sounds to a marvelous tune played by a saxophone. There are walkies, sirens and chasing. The song almost tells you what Kaaki Sattai is all about. Vishal's rock-singer like voice, the slaps of the bass guitar and funky drum beats are addictive.     
Kaadhal Kan Kattudhe, the melody is accessible and easy to hum. Anirudh wants his songs to be highly participatory. No wonder they are hits. Shakthi Shree’s sensual voice and powerful rendition give the song a slightly folk-like feel. 
Trooper theme is the ambitious, truly international effort from Anirudh. The theme sounds like the music you hear while playing high definition games. Dub-step, EDM, gangsta-rap and Udukku, the song has got it all. 
‘I am so cool’ will be the striking feature of the album. The typical Anirudh with lots of DJ effects, simple lyrics, and a sudden bhol. Second pick of the lot. 
Kaaki Sattai theme is the mere instrumental extension of the title song. With lots of amalgamations, the theme is attention grabbing. 
Kattikada is the authentic folk number of the whole lot. Programmed Thavil, Anthony's stirring voice and obvious traits of the Jazz, make it a song with the progressive element seeping in.                
The number ‘Shake that’ is actually a song from a Tamil movie. Give some time to it, might make it to the top of your play-list. It's a house-mix number that needs patronized, educated listeners. 
Kaaki Sattai is diverse and non-formulaic. 

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