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Watch it before you die - Mad Max Fury Road !, Mad Max Fury, George Miller


What is the maximum a film has done to you? What was the most impactful film you've ever seen? I almost rammed into a car and felt like killing somebody just for the heck of it. Mad Max - Fury Road is bringing all the evil that's been dwelling in me for years. What if the post-apocalyptic world had no water and I had to depend on something or somebody? What if that somebody or something had all the water and I had to be the slave? Who does the world favour, the brightest or the fittest? What will your instincts do if you are thirsty?
For the fourth time, after 17 years of mere speculation, George Miller manages to float a project, get it funded, complete 120 days of shooting in the hottest barren lands of Namibia, take 6000 hours to cut 450 hours of footage and release the film. This is not a review, but a declarative column on how pure film-making genius can give you an adrenaline rush to see the speedometer breaking and the feeling of being witnessed. Watch the film, there is more to the word 'witness' now. Earth has got sour and its half-life everywhere. 
Immortan Joe withholds the Aqua-cola and does a dictatorship at the Citadel beyond the West. Through his breeders, he is bringing in the new set of humans for the future. Fine, to make it simpler for the ones who haven't watched it, Mad Max Fury road is an uncompromising action film with brutal, merciless, pitiless, coldblooded people thriving to reach the top just to have better access to gasoline and bullets. Charlize Theron is the Imperator Furiosa, a trusted war-girl reporting to the Immortan Joe.
Driving a war rig with a horsepower of 2000, she manages to detour and sets on an exploration to the Green place. Furiosa is a fearless fighter having the ability to shoot and fight at the same time. A robotic arm, tall figure, immeasurable guts and hope, Furiosa is an impeccable character sketch for any movie be it. Tom Hardy as Max is a universal donor to a sick war-boy Nux. With almost 3/4 of the film shot under 24 frames per second, the visuals are incredibly spectacular and stunningly beautiful. With over 1500 cuts and each shot not longer than 2.5 seconds, Mad Max's screenplay is not the dialogues but mise en scene of fights, fights and fights. 
Creating an alter-world in real locations with graphics, art-direction and costumes that could set an example for years to come, George Miller has easily made you say, "Mad Max is the best action movie I've seen in decades''. (if you are older than 20). Great attention to detail has been spent on the make-up continuity and choreographing such miraculous stunt sequences would have taken days of pre-production and planning for the direction team. 
Olympic medal winning athletes and professional racers have been used to film particular scenes eyeing for authenticity and realism. There is this constant travel in the film, i.e specially made cars, bikes and monstrous trucks chasing the war rig creating a rise in palpitation. If a film can grab all your attention and take you along for a picaresque journey filled with supercilious people, don't be surprised if you are feeling a vertigo even after you reach home. Films necessarily need not be artistic to be the best, they can also be an action film with a vision.
Mad Max is definitely not for the light-hearted. It is an engrossing film that absorbs every little energy of yours. Mad Max is that movie where you run short of words to describe how amazing it was. Mad Max is one of those fastest movies ever made making you check the functionality of your watch. Mad Max is a terrifying movie in spite of being shot on a sunny day. Mad Max gets the think tank to work. Mad Max is something beyond the ordinary and even more enticing than the extraordinary. The cast and the crew have believed the prophecy of George Miller and have cooperated to the fullest giving their heart, soul and some blood to their roles. 
Junkie Xl's soundtrack and John Seale's cinematography is an orgasmic amalgamation of sensuality and violent eroticism. If somebody had to narrate Mad Max, they will lose their nerves and the voice even before the story begins. A cacophonous masterpiece that'll be your most treasured, priced and sacred Blue-ray DVD ever. 
Watch it in theaters and be dumbfounded for life!

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