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The stunning Enakkul Oruvan teaser !

Siddharth stuns with the Enakkul Oruvan teaser !

Sep 09, 2014

Using the peppy Prabalamagavey number by Santhosh Narayanan, the Enakkul Oruvan teaser starts off with a dance move and then the producers title coming in. The completely different Siddharth, purposefully darkened to play a timid character is seen in an overjoyed state.

A brief introduction of the heroine Deepa Sannidhi is followed by the jaw-dropping, chocolate boy Siddharth, dressed in orange with diamond studded shoes and gloves, walking in.

There are a variety of scenes involved in the teaser from introducing characters to the travel between the two Siddharths to the song sequences. Enakkul Oruvan teaser is classy and retro. Can't wait for the movie. Will it be a genuine Lucia remake?



The stunning Enakkul Oruvan teaser !

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