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Some exciting details about Enakkul Oruvan's music

Siddharth does it again for Enakkul Oruvan

Sep 05, 2014
The Tamil remake of Lucia titled Enakkul Oruvan, would have its music released on 8th September, as reported earlier. The album would be packed with 5 songs and lead actor Siddharth has also crooned a number called 'Prabalamagavey', a disco-styled track. 'Sid' isn't new to singing and has many hits to his credit in Tamil and Telugu.
Think Music would be releasing this Santhosh Narayanan musical and they have been associating on all Santhosh albums till date, starting from Attakathi. The strike rate has been terrific and Enakkul Oruvan is also expected to be an ear-pleasing album for all listeners.


Some exciting details about Enakkul Oruvan's music

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