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Santhanam almost does a wheelie with water cans

Crew comes to rescue Santhanam

Apr 03, 2014

Comedian Santhanam is working as hero in Vallavanukku Pullum Aayudham where his onscreen partner is Ashna Zaveri. The film is being directed by Srinath and is produced by PVP Cinemas along with Santhanam. Radio fame Senthil also will feature alongside Santhanam.


The film was recently shot in Kumbakonam and Santhanam recalls a real life comedy scene on the sets. As per the scene, he was supposed to carry water cans in his cycle and deliver at a residence. It so happened that there were real water cans and not knowing this, Santhanam started cycling very fast resulting in the front wheel lifting up at a steep angle.


Santhanam says, “I almost did a wheelie and thankfully the unit came to my rescue and put the front wheel down”.


Looks like the unit had some fun at the comedian’s expense.


Santhanam almost does a wheelie with water cans

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