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Santhanam goes the extra mile for Shankar's Ai

Santhanam emulates Vikram for Shankar's Ai

Jan 21, 2014

We have been hearing a lot about Vikram's extensive physical metamorphosis for Shankar's Ai. The ace actor has shed a lot of weight and his looks have startled fans and observers in the online space. Santhanam, the ragingly popular comedian, who also plays a role in Ai, has also reportedly lost a lot of weight for Ai as the role demanded that. It's an exciting prospect to imagine what Ai has to offer, with both Vikram and Santhanam in slim appearances. 

Santhanam will meanwhile be involved in a photoshoot on 23rd January, for the movie Vallavanukku Pullum Aayudham (VPA), under the supervision of photographer Venket Ram and make-up artist Bhanu. The first look stills of VPA would be released on Valentine's Day, February 14th.


Santhanam goes the extra mile for Shankar's Ai

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