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Rendavathu Padam trailer review !

What is Rendavathu Padam ?

Nov 22, 2014

Almost a year after the first look trailer got released, director C.S. Amudhan of Thamizh Padam fame comes up with a last look trailer of his Rendavathu Padam which is going viral. Celebs are getting open about their reactions after seeing the hilarious second cut. 


The 1 minute, 52 second trailer starts off with one of the heroes Vemal narrating a story to Remya Nambeesan. Rendavathu Padam seems to have Amudhan’s trademark dark humor, action, thriller and glamour. You also see a car flying, lots of guns blazing and the typical witty dialogues. 

There is nothing certain about the movie as of now. The trailer hints at a fantasized, character-driven, investigative-thriller high on comedy.


Rendavathu Padam trailer review !

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