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Rendavathu Padam's gutsy new 'Safe Version'

Aug 25, 2013

2 film old Director C.S.Amudhan is known for his wicked sense of humor and guts. All this was evident in his very first film, Thamizh Padam, where he dared to spoof some of the tried and tested 'sentiments' of Tamil cinema and still came out triumphant. None of the superstars were spared and many of their landmark scenes were given a whole new color and twist by Amudhan.

Now, his Rendavathu Padam is getting ready for release after quite a sizable gap from his first film. The teasers and songs for this movie are in line with the director's wacky side and now he has come out with a 'safe version' of Rendavathu Padam. A new poster of the movie says "No tag-line, No problem", obviously referring to the slew of issues that a recent big star movie had to face in the state. One of the reasons that was spelt out for all those issues was the movie's tagline "Time to Lead" and Amudhan has made a nice, enjoyable snide remark at this issue with his new 'safe version'.
Amudhan, a creative ad film-maker by profession, is obviously putting all his copy-writing experience to good use in the cinema medium too. 



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