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Nithya Menon's spirit will posses Raghava Lawrence in Muni 3

Lawrence possessed by Nithya Menon

Mar 11, 2014

With the third edition of Muni getting ready, the big question is, following Raj Kiran and Sarath Kumar, who is going to possess Raghava Lawrence this time?


If what we hear is right it is going to be actress Nithya Menon. But there’s going to be more than just ‘possessing’ and avenging in this follow up to Kanchana.

Nithya Menon is doing an extended guest appearance in the movie. She appears in a flash back sequence apparently and it is her spirit that is going to possess Lawrence.

Taapsee plays the female lead and actress Saranya Ponvannan plays her mother. The ace character artiste and Kovai Sarala will be the major contributors of comedy in the second half of the movie, we are informed.

As far as the progress of the movie, 75% has been canned and the major part of the remaining will involve songs and Taapsee’s portions. Lawrence is also investing a lot of time and bucks into CG. Produced by Bellamkonda Suresh, the horror project has music by Thaman.



Nithya Menon's spirit will posses Raghava Lawrence in Muni 3

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