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Arrambam Tamil Nadu Box Office report
Published Date: Nov 06, 2013

Ajith's Arrambam is nicely settling into its run and after great patronage from Ajith's fans and a handsome weekend performance, we take stock of the box-office stats of the movie from some of the key circuits across Tamil Nadu.

Chennai and surrounding areas - After 4 days and from a total of 1386 tracked shows, Arrambam's weekend gross is estimated at 4.39 crores. The opening has been grand and compares very well with other recent blockbusters.

Trichy circuit - On 31st, Arrambam released in 40 screens and held on in 28 screens from 2nd onwards. The film is said to have grossed more than 3.25 crores after the first four days.

Salem circuit - The movie released in 60 screens for the first 2 days and held on in 45 screens after the other Diwali releases. It is again estimated to have grossed above 2.5 crores after the opening weekend.

In Salem city, the film released in 15 screens and held on in 7 screens from 2nd onwards.

Thirunelveli circuit - Balaji Films released the movie in 16 screens and the gross is approximately near 1 crore after 4 days.

Madurai circuit - The movie was released in 70 screens for the first 2 days and after the release of the other Diwali flicks, it held on in 48 screens. Azhagar Films have released the movie.

Coimbatore circuit - Arrambam is reported to have clocked close to 100% occupancies on all the first four days. The film was retained in about 44 screens from 2nd onwards.

Kanchipuram - The film released in three screens - Aruna, Babu and Karthikeyan, and with occupancies hovering around the 90% mark, the gross is 14 lakhs after 4 days.

Pondicherry - Arrambam was screened in all 7 theaters for the first 2 days and it held on in Muruga, Jiiva and Ratna after 2nd. The 4 days gross is around 36 lakhs.

The collections details are estimated figures and there could be variations from the actual amounts at various trade areas. We will get back to you with more numbers and figures in the coming days.

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