The Arrambam chronicles and AM Rathnam


By Prathap

Producer AM Rathnam is known for his grand movies that feature huge names and open big. This is proved with this year's Deepavali release Arrambam that has quite literally taken the box office by storm this past weekend. As Arrambam rages through the screens, here is the list of Rathnam's super successful movies from the recent past.

Indian - This Kamal starrer redefined superhero movies for the Tamil audience. Portraying an ageing man at the heart of it, Indian garnered instant success for the technical, scripting and performance brilliance as soon as it was released.

Kushi - This might not have been the most expensive venture of its times but Kushi caught on with the audience for its sensible treatment of emotional intelligence among youngsters and suchlike with a charming star cast.

Run - Maddy moved away from his romantic hero tag and experimented with action in Run. And boy, was it a runaway hit? Also, it brought Meera Jasmine to Tamil.

Dhool - This commercially successful venture starred Vikram and Jyothika in the lead and provided no holds barred entertainment.

Ghilli - One of the most successful films in Vijay's career, Ghilli became instantly super successful making Rathnam a man with the Midas touch.

7G Rainbow Colony - This one proved that a movie's story and the way it is treated is much more important than the star names associated with it. 7G Rainbow Colony is still considered to be among the top in the tragic-romances category.



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