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Richa takes a shocking break from films
Published Date:
Oct 21, 2013

Richa Gangopadhyay, the pretty actress who acted in Tamil films like Mayakkam Enna and Osthe and a few other Telugu films, has come out with a sudden decision that could shock her fans. The actress has opted to take a break from films and continue with her studies back in the U.S.

Richa is currently acting in Bhai, a Telugu flick along with Nagarjuna. Her reluctance in accepting offers after Bhai raised questions among many. The actress took to her social media space to explain her future plans to her ardent fans.

“So… you guys wanted to know what my next plans are after Bhai. Here goes…

It’s not goodbye to acting...but cheers till next time!

I was thinking deeply for the last one year if I want to just continue doing films or pick up my studies in the US where I left off when I moved to India in 2008 to try my luck in Indian films. I intentionally did not want to sign other films after Bhai this year, even though I have been getting many offers, as I did not want to leave the projects midway. So...Yes! I am taking a break from acting for a while to finish up my studies and even pursue higher studies in the US. I am not quitting films, just prioritizing academics at this juncture in my life. I know this comes as a shock to many who are unable to understand why I would even take a break when I am at the peak of my film career. But it has been 5 years, when I originally did not even expect to be in India beyond 1-2 years. I feel I should not be putting academics on the back burner, which is important for my long-term career. So it is not a rushed, forced, or unwise decision from my end. 

These last few years, I have had phenomenal experiences and success working with the best of the best in the Telugu, Tamil and Bengali film industries. I have had dream opportunities to costar with mega actors like Nag Sir, Rana, Ravi Teja, Prabhas, Venky Sir, Dhanush, Simbu and Prosenjit Sir. I have learned so much from ace directors like Sekhar Kammula, P. Vasu, Harish Shankar, Dharani, Selvaraghavan, Shiva and Veerabhadram (sirs) and with big production houses such as AVM, Suresh Productions, Annapurna Studios/Reliance Entertainment among others. I also got what I personally wanted to do, doing both performance-oriented and commercial/glamorous roles. I even got three Hindi film offers last year, which I did not pursue due to various reasons. Best of all, I won unthinkable love and respect from fans, media and the community. I thank God for giving me these precious moments that many aspiring actresses just dream of, but never get to accomplish. And of course my immense gratitude to my amazing parents whose positive attitude in life and unwavering support and guidance through thick and thin allowed me to take this adventurous leap of faith and come out gaining such valuable life lessons.

I want to thank each and every one of you who I have met and known these past years from the bottom of my heart for believing in my talent and giving me so many opportunities to prove my skills. I didn't come into the film industry with a star background so I am all the more indebted to all those who accepted a newcomer like me with so much open-minded affection and respect. I did not know in 2008 that I would land up getting six awards for best actress and would have more than a quarter million followers on Twitter!! You all made me the actress I always wanted to be. Please know that I will always enjoy acting as its natural and fun for me, and I am positive there will be wonderful opportunities for me in the future even after the hiatus. 

It is a bittersweet feeling. I am excited to reconnect with my life, family and friends in the U.S. after 5 years. Yet Richa is "richer" today than 5 years ago, because I discovered an extended family in you all- my fans and friends in the industry.

I promise to stay connected via Twitter and maybe will come to India to attend some events. Please wish me luck for the next phase in my life. Cheers till next time.





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