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Khushbu irked by Aranmanai's unauthorised leak

Aranmanai leaked, Khushbu explodes

Aug 18, 2014

An unfinished, half-baked teaser of Aranmanai was released on the internet recently, leaving the fans of director Sundar C stunned. Later, it came as news that it was indeed a leak from miscreants to sabotage the reputation of the veteran director.

An understandably angry Khushbu took to twitter in clarifying the issue. She posted, “The teaser of #ARANMANAI was released without director's consent or knowledge. It was an idea of some miscreant in the production house. The trailer is without final CG or RR or color correction. Everyone behind the screen has worked hard for the movie. Pls wait for the official release”.

She also added, “I realized it was done without Sundar C's consent only when I told him about the release. He is shocked and hurt. So are Karthik Raja and editor Srikanth. Since it’s not our home production I was unaware of the developments. #ARANMANAI has created the biggest hype pre-release and this looks like the work of someone out there to sabotage it. Request you to wait for the release. Sundar C humbly requests all his fans to have patience, as there is lots of work to be completed with finesse before he releases the teaser. Thank you.”


Khushbu irked by Aranmanai's unauthorised leak

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