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The day cinema gave Superstar Rajini !

Rajinism is 39 years young now !

Aug 18, 2014

How did Sivaji Rao Gaekwad become Superstar Rajinikanth is a well known history lesson to all ! Just like one of his movies, the transition from a bus conductor to the most sought-after commercial hero, with huge box office collections and one of the largest fan bases ever seen, was something surreal.

Rajinikanth is not just a front-line hero. He is a trademark, signature and a brand who grew into us every time we unbuttoned our shirt completely, lighted a cigarette and parted our hair. He was the allegory for honesty, hard-work and trust. All his movies internally colonized us to what he did on screen.
No wonder, the very minute Rajini comes on screen, it was and still is magic all the way. The walk, the talk, the dialogue delivery, style quotient, timeless gimmicks and what not ? The Aboorva Ragam from Karnataka was ideally launched through his guru's social drama.
From the time Rajini opened the gate, which was his very first scene, the matinee idol has conquered the fort beyond the gate. He will forever be the undisputed king of Tamil cinema with uncompromising fan following and love.
Rajinism is entering into its 39th year. This very same day, 39 years before, a deceiving rage entered world cinema.


The day cinema gave Superstar Rajini !

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