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Karunakaran's nostalgic experience with the Superstar

From 'Uzhaippali' to 'Lingaa' - An extraordinary journey

Jul 27, 2014

Yaamiruka Bayamey fame Karunakaran has got the undeniable opportunity to be part of Superstar's upcoming film Lingaa. Across the streams of life, everybody connects to this mass man Rajinikanth and would have been fascinated by his screen presence and go 'ga ga' for him.

Karunakaran during his school days confesses of being a very restless kid participating in culturals. Once, he reminisced the 'Uzhaippali' role of the Superstar for a fancy dress competition.
Actor Karunakaran though sharing the screen space with the very same hero he fantasized all his life, has taken back the photo of him in the 'Uzhaippali' dress to get an autograph. Once a Rajini fan, always a Rajini fan. It is the hard-worker (Uzhaippali) in Karunakaran that has earned him the autograph. The autograph says, "Karunakaran, God bless".


Karunakaran's nostalgic experience with the Superstar

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