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''Kayal has been accepted by the masses in a big way'' ...

''Kayal has been accepted by the masses in a big way''

Dec 26, 2014

The latest hero to make his mark in Tamil cinema, Chandran of Kayal fame is a much-pleased man now, after the massive wave of positive feedback for the movie from all corners. We got in touch with the youngster to know what he is feeling right now, the day after Kayal's release.

"When I went to see Kayal with my family and friends at Sathyam cinemas yesterday in the morning, I was very relaxed as I knew that I was in safe hands . But when I saw my name in the title card, I couldn't control my tears and was crying all through the first 45 minutes. It was tears of joy. After the show, people hugged me, shook my hands and took snaps with me. People of all sections expressed their appreciation very openly and I was thrilled.
I then went to see the movie in AVM Rajeswari theater, after seeing Minnale there a long time back as a school student. The dialogues and the songs won huge applause from the audience there and they lifted me after the show in appreciation. I was pleased that the movie had been accepted by the masses in a big way.
Many of my friends had come down from US and UK to see the movie with me. A lot others saw the movie in various overseas locations and expressed their heartfelt appreciation. I feel lucky to have such true friends and close family members. I was occupied all through the day till 3 30 in the morning today, responding to calls and messages. It's a great feeling" - concluded Chandran. 
Congrats !!!


''Kayal has been accepted by the masses in a big way'' ...

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