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''It became big only after Shankar sir came in'' ...

''It became big only after Shankar sir came in''

Dec 26, 2014

Team Kappal is extremely happy for safely making it to the shore among the high tide of new releases. When inquired, sources say that they are elated about the public response and the box-office prospects.

"We made the movie for people to enjoy and we are happy we have succeeded. We were cautious about pulling off the comical elements in the film and now we are certain that it has worked. Complete credits to director Karthik for being an uncompromising task master. Our shooting days were a complete laugh-riot. We had nothing in our minds other than delivering a quality, entertaining product.

The paper Kappal became a real-big Kappal after Shankar sir came into the picture. It is because of him we got the attention and the opening as well. We are one happy team now."


''It became big only after Shankar sir came in'' ...

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