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97th birth anniversary of MG Ramachandran

Happy Birthday to the greatest matinee idol!

Jan 17, 2014

Today is the 97th birth anniversary of Dr Marudhur Gopalan Ramachandran also known as Dr. MGR. He was one of the most celebrated actors and a biggest political icon the state has ever seen.

Born as a Malayalee, the matinee idol went on to become the favourite of the Tamil people, after he gave up a career in Indian Army for an acting job offered by Murugan talkie Films. His various political schemes and philanthropic activities inspired millions and the people worshipped the actor and the leader in him.

On the eve of Christmas in 1987, he breathed his last. Many people took their own life in mourning, not wanting to live in a place where there was no MGR. That was the kind of love and respect the state had for him. He was arguably the only actor/leader to have earned a god-like status among the people

The great man might not be here to celebrate his 97th birthday with us, but the legend lives on.


97th birth anniversary of MG Ramachandran

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