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What Ethir Neechal is missing !

May 04, 2013

Popular subtitlist Rekhs has yet again raised the need and importance of subtitling Tamil films to help boost its market as well as the regional culture. In a letter to Behindwoods she says,

"What started as a journey in February 2010 with VTV became a movement of sorts: to take our South Indian cinema worldwide especially Thamizh cinema and make people sit up in their seats and be zapped at our content of story and talent of the cast and crew...has now been paused by this speed breaker called 'neglect or subs is of least importance syndrome'. A film with and by national award winner Dhanush, and Kolaveri rage Anirudh is NOT subtitled! Whereas I can quote many smaller budget films that have given priority to subtitling with total faith in its importance."

"I agree it is an enhancement tool to understand the film better, crossing the language barrier...and not the 'be all and end all’ of the film per se. It's obvious that with subs we would reach a much wider audience! Which means more revenue! Then why are we still reluctant to subtitle our films? I request every person who has love for Thamizh sparkling in their veins to take this anguished and appalled call of mine sincerely in the right spirit that it is intended and speak as one voice. Good subtitling is important to take our cinema to the next Bollywood."



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