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Gautham Menon says he's being harassed !

Mar 16, 2013


Gautham Menon and RS Infotainment’s Elred Kumar have been appearing in the news for the wrong reasons now and then. The duo has made four films together till now. As reported earlier, RS Infotainment had filed a case against Gautham Menon, for allegedly taking advance and not doing a film as promised.

The director after a long silence has reacted to the allegations. Gautham, in an official statement, claims that Elred Kumar has been harassing him. He also alleges that Elred has given a statement to the producers’ council saying that Elred will keep filing cases until he gets his demands satisfied.  

The injunction petition filed by RS Infotainment against Gautham Menon has reportedly been dismissed by the court. Gautham Menon on his part has said, “My ability to work and earn for myself is my birthright and as the law says it’s my constitutional right-and no one should be able to take that away from me.”

As a closing note to his press release, he says, “Please assist me and free me from the harassment of Mr. Elred.”



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