Vadivelu - Intended Instinctively to act

Vadivelu - Intended Instinctively to act

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I am here to explicate few things about Indian Cinema Comedian Vadivelu. He is very popular for his well-known vernacular comedies.


When I was a child, I questioned myself “Why movies are purposed to dump comedy sequences without a link in it?”. Lately, I realized that they are the elements to engage people with this virtual reality.


Comedy is not just to make people laugh, but to help people better their life. Comedians will always have the tougher task of instigating one to laugh. In my generation, Vadivelu is the most admired comedian and I am here to justify that.


With few samples, I want to BOLD out the versions of Vadivelu. Well, knowingly as a comedian, Vadivelu is the best. Because he did not hurt anyone physically or mentally to make people laugh. Altruistically, he just degraded himself to attain the output. Vadivelu shows himself as a fool, not because he is, but to entertain people.


Upto my knowledge, Vadivelu has done all kind of roles that exist in the society. He played more roles than KamalHassan. He is the everlasting comedian of Tamil cinema and there would not be anyone better than Vadivelu. Aadhavan, Vaseegara and Marudhamalai are some examples of films, which became blockbuster only because of Vadivelu.


Vadivelu as an actor, Sangamam comes to my mind firstly. The climax conversation scene is the epic sample of Vadivelu's talent. He explored all kind of emotions and expressions quintessentially.


Vadivelu is a Good playback singer with 32 songs till now. While as a Hero, he has been attempting trial and error method and he will be perfect soon.


Comedy is not just the part of a film, it is an art. People will always love to hear good comedies. Comedy creates values and principles. Comedy plays a vital role in defining Humanity and Ethical standards. Comedy stands for inerrancy.


I have to thank Vadivelu for his contribution towards the happiness of people. I have to thank Vadivelu for zero double-meaning dialogues. I have to thank Vadivelu for taking comedy to the family audience.


Vadivelu is not just a name, but an identity.


Love you Vadivelu.

Gowtham Ariyaputhiran

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