Thoongavanam - A sleeper hit? or a gentle reminder?

Thoongavanam - A sleeper hit? or a gentle reminder?

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It is indeed very difficult to review a movie such as Thoongavanam, especially when it is made with Kamal Hassan in the lead. Anyone else and the job would be a simple open and shut case, so to say.


The plot is simple, we have CKD, played by Kamal and Mani played by Yugi Sethu chase a couple of drug dealers and in the process Mani kills one of them while CKD is injured by the other. The confiscated drugs are taken to CKD's house giving a clear indication of his true color. The next day CKD's son is kidnapped by the dealer Vittal Rao (Prakash Raj) and in return he wants the confiscated drugs. CKD promises the drugs and takes it back to Vittal much against the will of Mani, however, the drugs get lost in the club the transaction takes place and to further complicate 2 more police personnel are also present, Trisha and Kishore. Does CKD succeed in the exchange? Does he outwit the criminals and the police? The answers to these form the rest of the movie.


All the events take place during one night and is shown in a very interesting manner. No exotic locations. Just one club, CKD's house, a hospital, a police station to name most. But the movie moves along in a gripping fashion. Kudos to the director and screenplay (Kamal, again).


A very close remake of the original, Sleepless Night and the due credit given. 


What makes the movie stand apart is the fact that it is NOT a Kamal movie. The fact that Kamal (in my opinion at least) is moving away from the mass hero image and has started delivering content based movies, makes it even more interesting. Not that Kamal has never done it, the point I am trying to make is, while most of the "older" heroes are still caught in the bigger than real life image that has been created, delivering on content based movies that can equally be a commercial hit and playing his age. I think it is a pointer to most ageing heroes on how they can simply transform to these roles and still keep the fans happy.


Kishore does a good job. His underplayed anger post getting bashed by Kamal and his frustration at the loss is proof enough. 


Trisha's stunt sequences are, what to say, a first for her and in many ways for Tamil heroines. So kudos to her on making it look real rather than an evident body dupe play.


Prakash Raj, I must admit, is getting repetitive. We could have said good job, if it was his first, unfortunately, it is not the case. He has played this bad boy image a zillion times and it is time he focusses on his pluses and play some roles that are not a gangster, please Prakash.


The rest of the cast, come and go. Or we can say come, get kissed, and again, then kiss and then gone. Madhu Shalini, no offence. But you were pretty in your own way.


Director Rajesh M Selva. After having worked alongside Kamal in movies like Visawaroopam, Manmadhan Ambu etc, has definitely evolved as a director. Sometimes when a 3rd person directs a Kamal movie, it feels like Kamal himself directed (Anbe Sivam). But not this one. And it is a direct credit to the director and his ability. Hats off.


A must watch for all crime thriller lovers and most definitely for Kamal fans.

Sooriya S

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