Thoongavanam- Visitor Review

Thoongavanam- Visitor Review

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Kamal’s obsession over the portrayal of an undercover cop continues in Thoongavanam too. But in Thoongavanam, he has a personal commitment to stick on to, accompanied with a mission to be accomplished within a limited time period. His worries don’t stop here. He is bound to encounter few distressing circumstances with a torturous abdominal injury that he gets during an accident that he faces at the beginning of the movie. This movie too, has Kamal Haasan’s touch (Lip lock) here and there. Madhu Shalini is Kamal’s companion here in such sequences.


Nowadays, movie makers are breaching the grammar, prescribed for the heroines by their predecessors in a positive note. The new trend seems to be like, the heroines of Tamil film industry have to wait till they cross the age of 30 to act in performance-oriented roles. Of late, Nayanthara has been receiving such offers and her attempts are turning gold at box office. Now, it looks like Trisha too has joined the bandwagon. Even though Trisha has done few performance-oriented roles in her film career, this outing of her stands out as she has rendered voice over as well. It is an entirely new experience for the Tamil movie audience to watch a top actor and an actress thrashing each other in a realistic manner in a particular sequence of the movie.


Limited artists fitting into suitable roles, proper characterizations offered by the makers for each of the character and a constant makeover for each character for most part of the film helps the audience to follow a tight screenplay more easily.


Personally felt that even after the exclusion of the scenes such as the lip lock between the lesbians in the pub and Kamal’s interference in the privacy of a hooligan, from the Sampath’s gang, in the rest room would have made the reality factor remain intact.


Most action movies in Tamil demand its hero to confront the villain, in the climax segment, either to corner or kill him/her. But in this movie, the approach was different. The job of handling the villain in the climax was bestowed upon Trisha by Kamal. This is another scene that offered the scope for Trisha to express her acting prowess which she has grabbed and excelled.


The duty of stress buster isn’t conferred upon any one character from the movie. Instead, most characters that are involved in this movie contribute to the much needed humour quotient. A character which seems to be humorous in one scene turns out to be a serious one in another scene. This transition too doesn’t affect the movie’s flow.


For quite some time, Kamal Haasan has been trying to deliver movies that are without songs and whose storylines are set in an interesting and unique plot. Such attempts of Kamal Haasan have been tasting success in the box office. In spite of the results that these movies are garnering, other actors from the top league are still hesitating to try their hand in these kinds of attempts. Hope the template of movies like ‘Thoongavanam’ becomes the order of the day in the forthcoming days of Tamil film industry.

Dhileepan Kumaresan

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